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Tactical LED Lantern

Tactical LED Lantern

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4 out of 5 stars


This 6 LED Rechargeable Lantern will offer up to 12 hours of strong omnidirectional LED lighting and is ultra-portable.

With a convenient carrying handle to make it easy to transport on a hike or move from one location to another. This camping lantern projects a smooth, glare-free light that will brighten-up a campsite, tent, camper or your own backyard. The brightness of the lantern will dim to an energy-saving mode when the battery power gets low to give longer-lasting illumination (up to 4 hours of low power usage).

Compared to most flashlights, it is smaller, brighter, and more portable while still having the toughness to survive the elements. The exterior is water resistant and of military grade, making it more useful in a variety of conditions.

With its straightforward form and functionality, it save time, energy, and luggage weight.

• Best Seller in Sports & Leisure
• Rechargeable
• Twice as bright as an ordinary lantern
• Water and heat resistant
• Weighs less than a pound