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Solar Lite Motion Security Lights

Solar Lite Motion Security Lights

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Solar Motion Security Lights keep your home safe and secure... With these, you can protect your home and your family.

You have two options when it comes to outdoor lighting: either you run power lines up walls or you swap out the batteries. Who would want to screw that up?

A reliable and weatherproof outdoor LED light, these security lights are motion activated. This brilliant solar-powered light has peel-and-stick mounting that doesn't require any tools or wiring and never needs batteries. It has an automatic on/off feature and a motion sensor that boosts brightness when it detects motion.

No cables. No battery replacement. No changing of bulbs. Uses built-in solar panel to recharge itself, there are no batteries to repair and the internal LED light lasts a lifetime.

• Powered by the sun!
• Motion activated
• Ultra-bright LED
• No batteries needed
• Peel & stick mounting
• Auto on/off
• Durable and Weatherproof