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15 Minute Dental White LED

15 Minute Dental White LED

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The 15 Minute Dental White LED professional tooth whitening procedure can brighten your smile.

The full tooth whitening technique 15 Minute Dental White LED, as shown on television, whitens your teeth up to nine shades* in 15 minutes. With the use of swabs (included), the 15 Minute Dental White LED first applies a beneficial vitamin E treatment to the teeth. Next, it attaches the prefilled gel tray to an innovative LED accelerator light, places it in the mouth, and turns on.

The ultra-bright light accelerates the whitening process for quicker, longer-lasting effects. The gel gets to work right away, providing deep oxygen action that helps break up stains.

• No pain or sensitivity
• Dramatic whitening results
• Quick and easy to use
• Teeth whitener at home
• Pain-free and enamel safe
• Up to 9 shades whiter in 1-2 weeks
• 2-3X faster than ordinary whitening strips

Here’s what you’ll get in each 15 Minute Dental White LED Box:
• LED Light Tray for Sensitive Teeth
• 10x Whitening Pen Gel