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Hello, and thank you for visiting Savvy!

We appreciate you (really, we mean it), and your privacy is critically important to us.

At Savvy, we have a few fundamental principles that guide our privacy policy and practices:

  • First off, no one here likes being asked for "personal information", in fact, we think it's quite rude. I mean we don't even KNOW you right? Right. That's why we don't ask for personal information unless it's absolutely needed.
  • Remember that one girl in high school that was always gossiping about who did what under the bleachers? Well, we didn't like her then, and we don't like her now. With that said, we won't go around gossiping about your information at the watercooler (unless you tell us to or give us permission).
  • Look, we don't like the "man" keeping any one down... but if we do get contacted by law enforcement or other government officials about your activities, we may have to, in good faith as a public servant (or because the man puts his figurative boot on our neck and forces us) disclose your information to them.
  • We're here for YOU and all our other users. So at times we may use your information in part of whole or in aggregate that is required for ongoing services or operations, or to help develop better products, services or features, or to protect our rights (gotta look out for our own as well you know).
  • Lastly, there are no stupid questions. If you have any, just drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you. And if you happen to be in town, drop by, the coffee or beer is on us : )

Without further delay, below is our Privacy Policy, which incorporates those principles mentioned above, and educate you as to the ways in which we collect and use information.

P.S. If you have questions about deleting or correcting your personal data please contact our support team

This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") explains how Savvy and its associated entities ("Savvy", "us", "our", and "we"), collect and use Aggregate, Anonymous, and Personal Information (as defined below), as well as describes the types of Personal Information we may collect from time to time about you, and how this information will be processed and used by Us. The goal of this Privacy Policy is to provide You with concise, transparent, and readily accessible information about how We process personal data.

It is your responsibility to read and understand how this Privacy Policy affects you and your rights.

This Privacy Policy applies to all users of Savvy, its giveaways, offers, websites, apps, games, browser extensions, and any other experiences offered on, by or through Savvy ("Savvy Sites"), including but not limited to Savvy technology integrated on third-party partner websites, apps or other applications ("Partner Sites"). This Privacy Policy is not applicable and does not apply in situations where Savvy may process your Personal Information on behalf of any Partners in order to enable those partners to serve their own Offers. Each of these Partner offers may have additional privacy policies, notices, and terms independent of Savvy, and it is your responsibility to review and understand those policies when interacting with such Offers.

In the event that any term or condition within this Privacy Policy is in conflict with a previous version of this Privacy Policy, this version shall supersede all previous versions to the extent of the difference.

Who is Savvy? What Does Savvy Do?

Savvy is a media, promotions, giveaway, savings, and entertainment company, offering a wide range of offers, services, and experiences such as sweepstakes, discounts, free products and samples, surveys/polls, coupons, app download invitations, and more, prior to, during and after transactions (collectively, "Offers") from third-party advertisers ("Advertisers"), displayed on or through Savvy Sites and through Savvy communications. Visitors of Savvy Sites and/or promotions may opt to sign up to receive various communications in relation to any such Offers, including by way of email, mail, SMS (text), or phone calls from Advertisers or Partners, as well as from Savvy directly.

What Are The Consequences of Choosing to Sign Up to Offers, or to Ignore Them Completely?

With Savvy, there is NO obligation to sign up to any Offer or Offers. Signing up to Offers may result in us sharing your personal information or data with one or more third parties, including but not limited to Advertisers. Sharing of such information may be necessary for Advertisers, Partners, or Us to provide You with additional information regarding the Offers you expressed interest in, or for other business purposes. Most importantly, there are NO negative consequences for choosing to NOT participate in any Offer, nor are you restricted from access to Savvy Sites by choosing not to participate.

Website Visitors & Browser Extension

We're not one to follow the crowd, but in this case, our website and browser App or Extension, like most other websites and apps, does collect non-personally identifiable information that is made available to us by servers, browsers or other means.

This non-personally identifiable information includes but is not limited to a bunch of boring stuff like the date and timestamp of each visitor request, referring web URLs, your language preferences and browser type. See, told you it was kind of boring.

So why do we collect all that information? Well, in the age of technology, information is king (or queen…your choice). And this data can be used to help provide more useful services and a better experience for you and our other users. That “boring” information helps us to better understand how you and others use and access our services, helping us to improve and tailor our offerings and products to meet the needs of our audience (i.e. that's you) as well as serve other business and operational functions.

At times we may also collect and use information that may be classified as personally identifiable information. This includes information such as the IP address used to log into our services.

What Is Personal Information?

"Personal Information" or "Personal Data" refers to information about yourself that can be:

  • (i) used to identify who you are, and/or contact or locate you;
  • (ii) can be combined with other information linked to your person;
  • (ii) data or information that is defined by laws, rules or regulations of applicable jurisdictions as “personal information”

Examples of Personal Information include but are not limited to the collection, storage, use or disclosure of information about You, such as online information (IP addresses or device identifiers), and contact information (such as a telephone number or email address). Personal Information also includes any other data points that could be used in combination or individually with other information in order to identify an individual (such as postcode, marital status, age or gender).

Collection of Personally-Identifying Information

At times, users of our App, visitors of our sites, and those who accept Offers, may engage with our Sites, App, or Offers in ways that require Us to gather personally identifiable information. The type and extent of such information gathered is dependent on the nature of Your or others' interaction with our Sites Services, and Offers at the time.

For example, users or visitors who wish to obtain a registered account or admin panel may be asked to provide certain login credentials in order to establish such an account.

We do not disclose personally-identifying information other than as described in this Privacy Policy, or other policies pertaining to specific Savvy products, services, or Offers.

The Types of Personal Information That We Collect

Savvy may collect and/or process various types of Personal Information, used for business purposes with regards to Savvy, its Advertisers, or Partners.

Such Information May Include But Is Not Limited To:

  • Personal information provided to Us by You as a result of engaging with, accepting, or signing up for Offers across any Savvy property, website, promotion, giveaway, app, browser extension or other Offers;
  • Personal information provided to Us by You through any of our many customer communication channels, including but not limited to customer service portals, ticketing systems, email, phone, text, or chat app;
  • Personal information provided to Us by Partners and/or Advertisers (as part of our services to them or in relation to an affiliate or other contract with such parties), including but not limited to identifying information such as gender, DOB/age, phone number, email, postcode, conversion data and transaction details;
  • Usage data in relation to your interaction or engagement with Offers, or in regards to any communications sent on behalf of Savvy, its Partners or Advertisers, including but not limited to: Offer viewing data or click through rates, and device information and website analytics information gathered from your web browser and/or device, including but not limited to geographic area, device profile, IP address, browser type and version, language preferences, referring website, and access times;
  • Information about You obtained from cookies, pixels, cached browsers, local storage, or any other tracking technologies on Savvy Sites and in Savvy communications and Offers;
  • Information about You obtained from any third party platform or source, including but not limited to data validation services or data enrichment providers, ad networks, marketing segmentation providers, social networking sites and more. Such information may be used to supplement other information obtained about You. For example, we may enrich such information with data from other sources in order to validate your entry into a giveaway and to prevent fraud from fake entries or fraudulent purchases of Offers, or to verify age or GEO-location in order to comply with federal or state laws;

There may be situations where we process your Personal Information with regards to the ongoing business interests of Savvy or our Advertisers or Partner. In some cases, separate consent may be required by applicable law in order for us to operate various technologies. Such consent may be obtained by Us, or by or on behalf of our Advertisers or Partners.

You have the right to object to such processing as described above.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information That We Collect

Savvy's technology enables Us to make available certain Offers from various Advertisers and Partners, along with other promotions, games, giveaways, and communications on or though Savvy Sites. The following subsections outline how your Personal Information may be used by Savvy and how that information may be disclosed to Advertisers, Partners and/or other third-party processors.

(i) Use of Personal Information By Savvy and Savvy Sites

  • For improving, maintaining, protecting, and making available certain technologies, services, products, and offers;
  • For monitoring the accuracy and effectiveness of our Offers, technology and services;
  • For making available, selecting and displaying personalized Offers tailored to your specific interests, preferences, attributes and experiences;
  • For predicting what types of Offers may be more engaging, interesting, fun, and/or relevant to individuals such as yourself, based on your unique characteristics or profile;
  • To enable us to disclose applicable information to Advertisers and/or Partners as defined in sub-section (ii) below;
  • To aid in making Savvy Sites, services, promotions and offers easier to use, eliminating the need for repetitive entering of your information;
  • To offer both suppression and targeting of ads, including for retargeting purposes;
  • To enable us to send You communications through various communication channels including but not limited to phone, email and text message, such as follow-ups, confirmation or transaction messages, reminders, and more;
  • To administer Savvy-sponsored giveaways, drawings, competitions, prizes and more, including the ability to contact You if chosen as a winner or for a special promotion or Offer(s);
  • In order to maintain legal and business records;
  • In order to carry out customer and market research used in the development of new products, services, technologies, Offers, and/or to further our business interests;
  • To validate information provided to Us by You;
  • To protect your rights, safety, property, employees, users, and any other third party, including but not limited to Partners and Advertisers; and
  • To comply with any applicable law or regulation

(ii) Disclosure of Your Personal Information to Partners and Advertisers

Use of your Personal Information by Savvy also may include:

  • Disclosure of Personal Information as a result of engaging with Offers on or through Savvy Sites, including but not limited to swiping, opting in, or clicking on Offers; and
  • Disclosure of your Personal Information, including but not limited to segmentation and demographic data, as well as contact information, to Partners and/or Advertisers for Offers you choose to engage with, view, swipe, or click on.

Your California Privacy Rights

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”), residents of California have certain rights and options regarding their privacy, as well as the information sharing practices of other parties with respect to their Personal Information. These laws provide rights regarding the collection, processing, use, disclosure and data retention policies and practices of Savvy. For the purposes of this section, “Personal Information” is defined as such meaning granted in the CCPA, but does not include any information or data exempted from the scope of the CCPA.

For residents of California, PLEASE CLICK HERE - DO NOT SELL MY DATA in order to opt out of the sale of your information.

Aggregated Statistics

Our mothers taught us sharing is caring. And since mom always knows best, from time to time we may release aggregated non-personally identifiable user and usage information, data and statistics to the public or to our affiliates or partners. This information may include but is not limited to information such as how many users actively participate in our services, how much on average we are able to save our users, and so on. We reserve the right to disclose such aggregated data or information to the public or other third parties at our discretion.

Protection of Certain Personally-Identifying Information

We handle your information with care. And vow to never use it for any other purposes than are explicitly described in these and our other Terms.

To that end, disclosure of any personally identifiable information (PII) is strictly on a “need to know basis.” This means we limit the access and disclosure of such information to only those partners, employees, contractors, affiliated organizations or parent companies that:

  • Need access to such information in order to carry out specific business functions on behalf of, for or in support of Savvy; and
  • Have agreed to prohibit the disclosure of and agree to the protection of such PII as described herein

There may be times where certain employees, affiliated organizations, partners or contractors are located outside of your home country. By using or accessing our App, Site or Services you hereby consent to the transfer of such information or data to them. Unless otherwise consented to as part of this and our other Terms, Savvy will not sell any PII to any other third person or entity.

Other than as described above, Savvy does not disclose any PII except in the following circumstances:

  • In regards to a court order, subpoena or other governmental request; or
  • If We believe or have reason to believe in good faith that the disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to protect the rights or property of Us, our parent company, or the public at large.

Electronic Communication

If you choose to become a registered user of the Savvy website, products or services, we may at times, send you emails to inform you about new features, updates, to solicit feedback, or to present you with relevant and exciting offers.

Please note that if you send us a request (such as a support email) we reserve the right to publish such requests in order to help us clarify or respond to your inquiry, or to help us in our efforts to support other users.


Personally, we like chocolate chip, preferably hot out of the oven!

But what we are talking about here are strings of information that a website stores on a visitor’s computer or browser, and that the visitor’s browser provides to the website each time that visitor returns to the site. JoinSavvy and our Savvy App uses cookies and similar technologies in order to help us identify and track visitors, their use of our site, services and products, and to save their preferences.

Visitors to our website that do NOT wish to have cookies placed on their browsers or computers should set their browser setting to “refuse” cookies before visiting or using our sites and services. However, please note that some functionalities may not be available or function properly without the aid of cookies.

Business Transfers

In the event that Savvy sells (in part or in whole) its assets, or in the unlikely event that we go out of business or enter bankruptcy, user information would be considered one of the assets that is transferred, acquired or to be put up for sale to a third party. You hereby acknowledge that such transfers may occur, and that any acquirer of Savvy in part or in full may use your personal information as set forth in the terms of this policy.


We may at times display ads on our site or within our products, services or Apps that are delivered to users by advertising partners. These partners or affiliates may use or set their own cookies. These cookies enable the ad server to recognize your computer when they send you ads, and to compile information about you or others who use your computer, among other things. This information aids ad networks to deliver targeted or tailored advertisements that will be of the most value to you or others. Our Privacy Policy does not cover the use of cookies by any advertisers.


Information or media, including comments or other content, submitted to, on or thru our services may or may not be saved on our servers and we make no guarantee as to either.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may at times, at our discretion, with or without prior notice make changes to the Privacy Policy. We encourage visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to its Privacy Policy.