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Whether it is potato chips that come in smaller “lunch size” bags or having items delivered to you, convenience comes at a price. The lifestyle of convenience can also lead to laziness, which will impact you in more ways than one. Battle the gluttony of our modern lifestyle by knowing when to avoid the “convenience factor”.

While there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of convenience once in a while, you must be careful not to rely on it. There are many downsides to taking too much advantage of these opportunities. Following are a few reasons why “convenient” does not always mean “better”.


How convenience can affect your food budget.

This is seen in great effect at the grocery store. For example, take those smaller chip bags mentioned earlier. Sure, they are great to grab when in a hurry, and they fit in your lunch box perfectly, but those bags are extremely overpriced! Just by taking the time to separate a big bag of chips into your own snack bags saves a lot of money.

Freezer meals are a great example of this, as well. Many like to buy microwave-ready meals for lunch, or even pre-packaged salads. By buying your own ingredients, you can save money in this area as well. Take one day out of the week to portion out salad, roast, or more to be able to take advantage of quick meals without paying a higher price.

Perhaps the discount grocery store is a 15-minute drive, while a higher-priced grocer is five minutes down the road. Is it tempting to pay those higher prices to avoid the longer drive? Push those boundaries, explore your horizons, and go for the farther away store! It will be worth it when you have some extra spending money for date night!
Perhaps the situation is even worse than that. Do you find yourself constantly hitting up the local drive-thru lane? Not only can this wreck your budget, it can wreck your health, as well.


How convenience can affect your health.

It is too easy to live a life focused on the couch, the car, and the cubicle. There are many ways that convenience contributes to a lazy lifestyle. Everything can be bought online today and delivered, in most areas. Our culture already struggles with being intentional on exercising. The poor habits associated with convenience drag us down even farther.

Instead of walking around the grocery store, we can order our groceries online. This also means that we pay extra in fees and higher grocery prices, as well. Everything can be delivered this way: pet supplies, wine, the latest video games. A sedentary lifestyle leads to unhealthy minds and bodies.


How convenience can affect your social life.

“I have lots of friends. They are all in my computer.” While that line has jokingly been handed to concerned parents, there is a sad truth to it. Between social media, online gaming, and video conferences, leaving the house is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. When we don’t get out to meet friends, we got locked into a social isolation that is gradually more comfortable.

It’s more convenient to spend time with friends through online sources. You don’t have to spend money going out or pay for a baby sitter. You also don’t have to spend time and energy getting ready to go out; you can just sit around in your pajamas or yesterday’s clothes. But social media creates a false sense of intimacy and online gaming only holds attention for so long before everyone is moving on to the next thing. It is important to make time to go out with the kids or your friends.


How convenience can junk up your life.

Do you really need that 1991 Collector’s Edition Furby? Or did you just run across it when you were bored and surfing eBay to see what the latest items up for auction were? The convenience of online sales can fill your closets and your rooms before you know what is going on. It can also drain your wallet. It is much easier to not notice what is being spent online than when you are walking through a store tallying up your purchases.

It is easy to confuse what you want with what you actually need. Start evaluating your purchases. Do you really need that new outfit, or is it just going to hide in your closet? Is that nutritious food or a junk purchase?


How convenience can be a GOOD thing.

Convenience is not always bad. There are definite benefits to advances in technology. That social media account could be keeping you in touch with a friend you would have not talked to in years due to distance, for instance. That two-day shipping on supplies and groceries was really helpful while you were laid up with an illness or broken foot.

There is another benefit to convenience. There is no denying that online shopping is a part of our modern-day lifestyle. It can, however, be incredibly time consuming. Whereas in the past we would just hunt for bargains in the store, now we also look for online codes to get the best price possible on our carts.

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While it is important to avoid the pitfalls of indulging too much in convenience, it is not necessary to avoid convenience altogether. There are many cases where convenience is better, at least in moderation. Always weigh in the potential impact to finances, health, and mental status. By using convenience in moderation, you can take advantage of the wonderful parts of convenience without harm.