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Why Are People Snapping Up This Smartwatch? The Benefits Are Truly Amazing

A health and fitness smartwatch that is an affordable alternative to big-brand models and incredibly easy to use…

The saying, “you get what you pay for” is usually true, especially when it comes to gadgets. But every once in a while we find a product that punches above its price tag.

And the KoreTrak Pro is one of those devices.

If you are on a budget and looking for an easy way to track your heart rate, daily activity, and sleep… then stop searching because this device can track everything for you.

What Is It?

Let’s be clear, the KoreTrak Pro is not ever going to compete with a premium, big-brand smartwatch. But that’s not why you are here.

While smartwatches have become more affordable in recent years, we’re still not at the point where you can get those big-brands with extremely premium specs for cheap.

However, the KoreTrak Pro offers some features that you wouldn’t expect on a smartwatch for under $100.

What Makes The Koretrak Pro So Popular?

The green laser hiding behind the watch is the secret.

It can measure your heart rate, blood oxygen, calculate your beats per minute (BPM) and body temperature. All live, in real-time.

It can even monitor your heart.

KoreTrak Pro At A Glance

Let’s take an inside look at KoreTrak’s truly incredible features!

KoreTrak Pro has an always on-display, health tracking, fitness tracking and with typical use the rechargeable battery lasts a very long time.

You get sleep-tracking, push notifications from your phone, inactivity alerts, multi-sport modes and the KoreTrak is also IP67 waterproof so it can be submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

That’s… pretty incredible for the price!

Let me put it into context: similar smartwatches and fitness trackers from the big brands, will cost more than double the KoreTrak Pro. 

I’ve reviewed smartwatches with the same specs as KoreTrak that range from $150 to $400, and was left feeling underwhelmed because this budget smartwatch can do it all and costs significantly less!

What Is Heart Monitoring And Why Do I Want It?

Heart issues are no joke... If you have them, you probably won't realize that something is wrong before it's too late.
Just by wearing Koretrak Pro you can monitor your heart and overall health. Get some peace of mind knowing that you may learn about problems early and possibly take action.
This is why the Koretrak Pro will be the best selling smartwatch of 2022. No other watch is this advanced.

Tracking… But Not In A Creepy Way

Where KoreTrak pro truly excels is health and fitness tracking. I was honestly shocked.

KoreTrak is a fitness band and smartwatch that is designed to monitor your vital health signs in a hassle-free way.

  • Health & Heart Monitoring — KoreTrak comes pre-built with advanced sensors and monitors to track 24/7 readings of your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.
  • Real-Time Fitness Tracking — Unlike cheap trackers, KoreTrak gives real-time stats for you to track your fitness activity… like steps, distance, calories burned, and overall exercise 24/7 using a built-in multi-sport tracking system.
  • Sleep Tracking — KoreTrak has a built-in sleep tracking unit that analyzes your sleeping pattern and notes any disturbances in your sleep cycle. 
  • Smartphone Notifications — KoreTrak can be synced to a smartphone with little effort. So you can now get all of your health and fitness metrics on your phone.

All in all, Koretrak provides clear and precise insights that I found useful for my own workout and to stay on top of my fitness goals.

What Else Can The Koretrak Pro Do?

More than you might suspect!

When looking at reviews there are a few features that stand out as the reason 1000s of users give this watch 5-star reviews:
✅ Heart monitoring - 24/7 Advanced Heart Monitoring with Blood Oxygen levels
✅ IP67 Splash Resistant - Wear yours while swimming or in the shower
✅ Tough Glass 1.05" HD Display - HD clear, easy-to-read display, oversized for easy touch control
✅ Step & Distance Counter - Set goals, hit them and lose weight fast
✅ Sleep Monitoring - Measures the physiological signals of your body
✅ Calorie Monitoring - Incredibly useful if you are trying to lose, maintain or even gain weight
✅ Smart Phone Notifications - Get important phone alerts right on your wrist
 Advanced Fitness tracking - Record your daily routine, workouts, keep on track with your goals
✅ Long Standby - Battery lasts up to 7 days, unheard of performance
✅ Great Styling - Premium looks and fashion forward design
 Music Control - Control your favorite tunes right from your wrist
✅ Sync to both iPhone and Android - Supports IOS and Android

and there is even more!

For nearly all of us, these are the most important features. They made it so you can be always up to date and safe.

Koretrak Pro is more than a premium smartwatch. You get all the features of a high quality smartwatch WITH the latest health features.

It feels like having a personal trainer, assistant, on your wrist!

Is KoreTrak Too Good To Be True?

Trust me, on paper I had a feeling that the KoreTrak sounded too good to be true. But the guys behind KoreTrak have made an attractive, stylish smartwatch that is loaded with specs and features.

At a glance, it looks like a clone of a similar fitness tracker from FitBit but for a fraction of the cost. 

Again, KoreTrak Pro is only $49.95 and after weeks of wear, this watch hasn’t fallen apart and has wowed me with its abilities!

Plus, this smartwatch has thousands of 4 and 5 star reviews! Take a look for yourself….

What Do Others Think?

"I just love this smartwatch so much I bought one for my husband and kids. I have arrhythmia so I needed the most accurate health smart watch and I'm glad I've found one. This Koretrak Prolooks 100x better than others and does all the same stuff, plus the heart monitoring alarms and full sleep monitoring... and it's cheaper. Now I can keep complete track of my health and always be in style." - Sarah H.

"It's so easy to use and fantastic build quality. This is smartwatch for those who care about their health but want something simple to use. You will not regret having this on your wrist. Koretrak Pro must be the bargain of the century." - Jason L.

"Beautiful beautiful watch. Fits good and you can see and feel the workmanship. I use this watch running three times a week and I can't imagine my life without it. The price amazed me, what a bargain. " - John S.

How Much Does The Koretrak Pro Cost?

If you look at the features of the Koretrak Pro it would’t be surprising to see a price tag of up to $500. Which would still be lower than most of its competitors (some cost over $1,000).

That’s why we were stunned to learn the company sells this watch for just $49
(thanks to a 50% promo ending soon).

Click here to claim a discounted Koretrak Pro (if it's still available) >>

That's a small price to pay, for a 24/7 heart rate monitoring device!

Final Thoughts On The KoreTrak Pro

KoreTrak Pro is the latest wearable workout tech created by its parent company, KoreHealth, a company that specializes in health and wellness devices.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use smartwatch and fitness tracker then you can’t go wrong with KoreTrak. 

For starters, you’re going to get a large, readable display for notifications and vitals. You also get a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and compared to similar big-brand models, you get all these features for a fraction of the cost!

To be honest, budget smartwatches like KoreTrak are probably why bigger brand’s are losing ground in the smartwatch and fitness tracker market.

How Can They Charge So Little?

Since Koretrak Pro is a direct-to-consumer brand, they spend no money on advertising.

They also only sell Online so they can cut out any middle-men (like retailers) who just jack up the prices the consumer pays.

When you buy from a big brand, you aren’t only paying for the product, you are paying for all the enormous costs they have as a company.

You’re helping to pay their rent, their CEO’s salary, their advertising cost, etc.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

Koretrak Pro is investing big in their first time buyers.

By offering such a big discount, they know once people try their watches they will get a lot of positive reviews and free social media attention! The best advertising is happy customers, word-of-mouth!

Click here to claim a discounted Koretrak Pro (if it's still available) >>

Just be aware they will go back to full price after this promotion ends.

Should I Buy Now Or Wait?

The time to buy the Koretrak Pro is now, this discount won't last long and it's selling like crazy.

If you have never owned a smartwatch - the Koretrak Pro is the perfect first time model.

The promotion price is amazing for a device this high-level. We say, definitely, get one before they go... It's a no-brainer!

It also makes an amazing present from family, friends, or coworkers. They’ll think you spent a ton of money on them.

Where Can I Buy The Koretrak Pro?

Get your Koretrak Pro from the official website here.


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