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Each new month brings additional, unique savings and September is no different. Labor Day and back to school sales will certainly bring incredible offers and discounts along with them, but there are also plenty of items that will be on sale all month long. Check out our September savings guide below to learn what to shop for, to get your dollar to stretch as far as it will go.


Apple Products

As Apple fans are well aware, Apple hosts a fall keynote address each September. During this talk, the company reveals the newest iPhone, iPad and MacBook models. As excitement over each of these new products builds (and it will build quickly), the previous versions of these products will drastically dip in price. You can get your hands on that Apple product you’ve been wanting all year, at an incredible rate. It will definitely be worth the wait.



New bicycle models are released in September. Last season’s models will be yours for the taking at low prices. Make it a family affair and get a new bike for each member of the family. You’ll be able to take in the lovely fall weather on bike, before the cold winter months take over.


Holiday Flights

Choosing the right time to purchase holiday travel can be a tricky balancing act. If you purchase too early, you’ll miss out on deals that may pop up after you buy. If you wait until the last minute, prices may skyrocket. September is considered that special sweet spot, right in the middle. By purchasing holiday travel flights and accommodations in September, you’ll be guaranteed to have plenty of funds left over to spend on your holiday shopping lists for your loved ones.



Retailers will be clearing out their summer stock to make way for cold weather items. Included in this list are lawnmowers. Summer is prime time for sunny weather and fresh cut grass, making it the most popular season for mowing lawns. In September, people begin to start spending more time indoors and mowing the lawn becomes less of a priority as the cool weather begins to kick in. Shop for your mower now when prices are at their lowest and keep it handy for when summer rolls around. You’ll be ahead of the game by avoiding the summer rush.



September is harvest season, and wine retailers, like Total Wine, will be switching out their inventory. You can prepare for all of your upcoming holiday parties at this time. Stock up on bottles to fulfill your holiday shopping lists for all of the wine lovers in your life. Maybe you just want a little something special for yourself. If you’re one to have a nice glass of wine with dinner, be sure to take advantage of the one month of the year when wine is at its lowest prices.


Large appliances

Use JoinSavvy.com and browse the websites of manufacturers and retailers of large appliances like washers/dryers, ovens and refrigerators. Many of them will have new models coming out this month. As always, new models mean abundant sales and discounts on the previous season’s models. Prior to making a purchase, check the Energy Star website for additional special offers and rebates in your area.

Did you know that you may also be eligible for a rebate when you recycle your old appliances? If you have an older model, you could be spending more that you have to on electricity, as older models typically require more energy to run. Turning in your old model may provide you with even more savings based on that extra cost alone.



You’ll want to your eyes peeled for luggage sales during Labor Day weekend. Quality luggage is a great investment, especially for those who travel frequently. If you have been saving for a designer luggage set, now is the time to take advantage of maximum savings. Don’t cut corners, looks for luggage that is made from durable leather or nylon, has sturdy zippers and hard plastic wheels. Newer models tend to be lightweight, which will save you money in fees that can accumulate from checking in your heavier luggage.


Pool equipment

Warm weather lovers are already looking forward to next summer by the time fall is in full swing. By this time of year, the prices for pools, pool gear and accessories has already been steadily on the decline for weeks. When combined with traditional Labor Day sales, you stand to score big time on all of your pool needs. Some people use the pool all year round, for fitness or rehabilitation purposes. This is a great time of year for you to make sure you have everything you need to keep your pool in good repair during the colder fall and winter months.



You’ve probably noticed by now that September is the time to buy all of the products that are popular for the summer. Sunglasses, like every other quintessential summer accessory, tend to go on sale during this month. Luckily for all of us, sunglasses are one thing that are needed and used all year-round. You can shop for your fall frames and summer frames all in one sitting. We’ve partnered with major sunglasses retailers to keep you stylish and protect your eyes all year.



Mattress sales tend to be in ample supply during the months of April and May, but if you find yourself in need of a mattress later in the year, we’ve got you covered. There are more than a few amazing deals that pop up in September. In the days leading up to Labor Day, you will begin to see substantial price drops from mattress retailers. And since it’s a long weekend, you will have plenty of time to check out all of the competition and compare and contrast on which models are the best for you.  

While you’re scoping out Labor Day mattress sales, visit the rest of the online home department. As previously mentioned, large appliances will also be discounted over the holiday weekend. Use JoinSavvy.com as a one stop shop for all of your home needs!