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November is the most shopped month on the calendar and with good reason. It’s impossible to talk about the best deals in November without mentioning Black Friday, which is known to offer the most incredible deals of the entire year. We are in the thick of the holiday season which means everyone, and we mean everyone, will be shopping. When you throw Cyber Monday in to sweeten the deal, online shopping provides the best savings. We are equipping you with the ultimate Top 10 guide to shopping in November, which leaves no stone unturned and no dollar unsaved.


1. Winter Clothing

This is the month, and not a moment before, to shop the huge discounts that will be offered on winter coats, jackets and boots. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon at the end of the month, retailers are planning to make lots of room for new inventory and seasonal items. Historically speaking, the best time to buy for this particular category is in the week leading up to Cyber Monday.


2. Game Consoles, PC and video games

Video game console prices drop dramatically in November. You will see competitive prices from major retail chains which will help to lower the cost of some of the most popular (and expensive) products to more affordable prices. In fact, deals on game consoles will go up by as much as double the deals available in other months of the year.

If you’re in the market for a new console for yourself, partner or child, be sure to follow the news of your preferred manufacturer. Major companies like Xbox and Nintendo will share news of impending releases months in advance. If a new model will be hitting the shelves around the holiday sales, it’s unlikely that you’ll see any price drops there, but their previous generation consoles will be dirt cheap.

We’re not just anticipating huge deals on game consoles; November also brings the lowest prices on PC and video games. You may not be in the market for a new console at this time, but it’s always a good time to stock up on new games, especially when they are on sale.


3. Cookware

If you’re one to spend time in the kitchen, you know that quality cookware can set you back quite a bit of money. With holiday parties and gatherings in full swing, it will be necessary to equip your kitchen with all of the items you will need to bring your special menus to fruition. Thanksgiving sales will offer you the most significant discounts on cookware. Even if you’re not purchasing these items for your own use, they will make for a lovely gift for a loved one who enjoys cooking.


4. Electronics

Electronics have their very own holiday known as Cyber Monday. This is the day where every online electronics retailer will have major discounts left and right on all of their products. Home theater systems, TVs, phones, cameras and laptops, which may usually be quite a large monetary investment, will be available to you at more than reasonable prices. The electronic accessories needed to help your product function smoothly, will also be on sale! The JoinSavvy browser app will be ready to help you maximize the huge savings that you stand to gain. Have we mentioned that Cash Back is included on each and every purchase?


5. Beauty

Cosmetic brands typically have a new holiday collection or seasonal products that they release each year. This is the prime time to get your fill of makeup products and brushes. Highly sought-after eye shadow palettes from major brands will be marked down in price to make room for their newest collection. Retailers will want to clear the shelves to make room for these new and exciting releases.


6. Formal wear

Many new holiday styles for Christmas and New Year will be released in November. The deals on formal wear take off during this month to make room for incoming holiday inventory. Take advantage of the time just before the end of the year holiday rush, and go shopping for formal wear early. Wedding dresses tend to go on sale during this month, as well, as the wedding season has passed. If you’re planning a wedding for the following year, or even just attending one, this is the month to go shopping for that special dress.


7. Weddings

If you don’t mind the cold, getting married in November can mean huge savings for a typically expensive occasion. If you live in a colder climate, you stand to reap the biggest savings of all. Weddings that take place on a day during the week as opposed to the weekend, such as a Friday, will also offer you huge savings. As long as your loved ones are able to attend, combining these multiple elements will make your wedding as affordable as possible.


8. Housekeeper

With the holidays approaching, families begin to look for ways they can save money. Luxury items are typically the first to be eliminated, which includes housekeeping services. If you’re in the market for a service, this is the best time of year to look for an agency. They are either offering holiday discounts or offering deals to attract new clients.


9. Home improvement services

Again, this is the month that people begin to eliminate more expensive items from their budget. Home improvement projects will be put on hold. Keep an eye out for huge deals things with flooring, renovation and repair services.


10. Food storage

Elaborate holiday meals mean that there will be plenty of leftovers and stores know it. Items for packaging your leftovers such as aluminum foil, reusable containers and plastic wrap will have special discounts and deals. Purchase these items now so that you can be prepared to store all of your delicious food.



Baking Supplies

November and December are the most popular months of the year for baking. Special holiday cakes, loaves and other treats begin to make an appearance at school and work functions, as well fancy holiday parties. You can bet that baking items such as sugar, cake mix, cookie dough and other items will go on sale in November and stay at discounted rates through to the New Year holiday.