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April showers have brought May flowers and spring is in full bloom. This is the month that marks the beginning of some of life’s biggest milestones. May signifies the beginning of graduation season, celebrates mothers and marks the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day. But milestones and holidays aren’t the only things worth celebrating in this beautiful month. There are tons of deals throughout the month that make everything extra sweet. We here at JoinSavvy put together a list of the top 10 items that you’ll want to pick up in May. Be sure to make use of our easy to use app, which will shower you with savings.



Spring is a wonderful time to buy a house. Prices are the lowest around the cold winter months because most people prefer not to move then; however, the selection to choose from is larger in spring. People are moving into new homes as the weather warms up, which means they are moving out of their old ones. The competition is at its highest now and prices will be more negotiable. Spring weather means that grass and flowers are in peak condition, making homes and yards much more presentable for open houses. Families tend to buy and sell in May so that they are able to close on deals prior to the start of their children’s summer vacations.


Thrift Store Items

This is the time of year that people begin going through their belongings to toss out anything that is outdated or not needed. Thrift stores and garage sales will be chock full of the items that people no longer want. If you are a thriftier, you will want to check out these sales to get even better bargains than you usually would. Many retailers offer the ability to thrift online, so you will be able to pick up rare and unique items at just the click of a button.


Vacuum Cleaners

The theme of spring is cleaning house and we would be remiss not to mention the amazing deals for vacuum cleaners happening this month. New vacuums typically come out in June, so May is a perfect time to shop last season’s models. Use our app to shop the websites of major department stores. Find a vacuum that meets all of your needs, and even a couple of your wants, with JoinSavvy.


Office Furniture

Office furniture starts dropping in price right after Tax Day and will continue to dip into June. You’ll likely have received your tax refund by now and can make great use of it by purchasing much needed office supplies. It is becoming increasingly important to have office furniture that is ergonomic and reduces tension on shoulders, neck, wrists and back. An investment in quality office furniture is an investment in your health. Why not use JoinSavvy to take advantage of the lowest prices of the season?


Star Wars Memorabilia

In the past few years, May 4th has gained traction as being recognized as an unofficial holiday; though the term, “May the Fourth Be With You” was first coined in the 70’s. Star Wars watch parties and costume parties now abound on this date, which means that Star Wars memorabilia has also increased in popularity in May. If you’re a die-hard fan and have always wanted a statement Star Wars piece, this would be the month to get it, as many retailers offer discounts on their merchandise on the 4th.


Air Conditioners

Need a new air conditioner? You’ll want to get it in May. It may go without saying that air conditioners are cheaper in the winter, but most people are reserving their funds for holiday purchases and vacations at that time. Air conditioners are then put on the back burner (no pun intended), as many people are cool enough thanks to the seasonal weather. May is therefore cheapest month of the year to purchase an AC unit, before the summer season causes AC prices to soar.


Party Supplies

May brings warm summer temperatures, making it the month for pool parties and barbeques. You will find discounts this month for everything you will need to throw the perfect summer outdoor or pool party. Memorial Day weekend is the quintessential summer event, so take advantage of all the supplies which will be marked down in May.


Non-Traditional Mother’s Day Gifts

This is certainly not the best month to purchase traditional Mother’s Day gifts such as perfume, roses or jewelry, but if you’re willing to think outside of the box, you can get mom a gift this month that she will be sure to love. Discounts on personalized gifts and monthly subscriptions for mom will be in full swing in May. The best part about subscriptions is that a one-time fee can provide a gift that keeps on giving all year round.



A mattress is a big-ticket item. May is the undisputable best month in which to purchase a mattress. Massive Labor Days sales offer impressive discounts. It’s recommended that a mattress be replaced every 7-10 years. Since it’s not a purchase that you have to make with any real frequency, it’s worth making a large investment in a quality mattress that will provide you with the best sleep possible. Mattress manufacturers commonly offer rebates to get you some money back on your expense. Combine a great rebate with our terrific Cash Back savings and you’ll be replacing your lumpy, old mattress with a brand-new luxury mattress in no time.


Gift Cards

Is there a new or favorite restaurant that’s been on your mind lately? Have you been really in need of a relaxing massage to get some kinks out? Consider purchasing gift cards for your desired gifts and services this month. Not only is Mother’s Day in May, which means the popular gift item of gift cards will be on sale, but Father’s Day is close behind in June. The gift card promotion season starts in May and gives you the opportunity to stock up for all major holidays for the rest of the year, at a fraction of the cost.