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The time is definitely right in July to buy specific items, include some major purchases that you may have been putting off until you got some extra cash or until you ran into some great summer deals. We can help you get started on your journey to obtaining some of your dream items or some of the items that are available at the most reasonable prices in July. Here is our list of the top 10 items that you can grab at the lowest prices, during this month.



We know that Father’s Day was last month, and you might have been tempted to purchase a grill for dad at that time, but by waiting just one more month, you will be able to score even better deals on this classic summer staple. This is because the top grilling retailers tend to overstock themselves on grills so that they will be prepared for the inevitable 4th of July rush and demand. They will inevitably release deals in July to clear out their stock.



Emerging furniture styles and fashions tend to roll out in August, which makes July ripe for clearance sales on major furniture items such as couches, dining sets, bedroom sets and more. This is a great time of year to check out the clearance sections of your well-known home retailers.

Unlike clothing, furniture styles tend to remain on trend for years and years at a time, despite the frequent turnover rate with each new season. You can nab yourself a stylish and trendy furniture set, which is still in season, at a fraction of the price, if you just wait for the right timing.


Home Décor

July is right in the middle of wedding season. This means that popular home décor goods such as dinnerware, table settings, wall art, curtains and accessories can be purchased at great prices.

With the reduced cost of furniture and home décor items, July is the perfect time of year to consider a home makeover. With the change of seasons from spring to summer, it’s common to have the desire to switch things up a bit. After you get through with your spring cleaning, start your summer makeover shopping by using our JoinSavvy app. You will find the best deals to get your home nice and ready for a beautiful summer. As you will probably be entertaining guests at your home for outdoor parties and dinners, it’s a great time to stock up.


Stars and Stripes

July is best known for the 4th of July holiday. This is one of the few times of year where stars and stripes are extremely popular and anything that features this decoration, including those classic red, white and blue colorings, will be flying off the shelves. Craft and party stores will be stocked full of these patriotic-themed items and following the 4th of July, they will be marked down for nearly next to nothing prices.


Bathing Suits

Contrary to popular belief, you may want to hold off on buying the bathing suit or swim trunks that you have been wanting, until July. Clothing retailers begin rolling out their swimsuit collections towards the end of spring and by the top of June, they are at their most expensive. By July; however, their focus is starting to shift to fall fashion and you will notice that swimsuit prices have already began to drop. Classic summer patterns and designs such as watermelon and pineapple prints will be available at a reduced cost starting in July. Color block styles and gingham, which is extremely popular towards late spring/early summer, are cheaper once summer is already in full swing during this month.



In order to save money on travel during summer months, you have to be willing to think outside of the box. As many people plan for their summer vacations months and months in advance, by the time July rolls around, vacation companies are dealing with lots of cancellations. If you purchase your tickets in July, for a vacation that will take place in August or later, you can find some amazing flights to Europe and Asia. Surprisingly, many of these flights are available for less than $500 round trip from many major U.S. cities.

To save even further, look for non-tropical destinations that will allow you to take a break from the extreme heat and humidity of July. For example, this is the peak time of year to experience Iceland. In July, they have 24 hours of daylight, which is truly a bucket list experience you’ll want to have. They also have ample geothermal lagoons which are both beautiful and relaxing.



Paint is at its cheapest price in July. July is the hottest month of the year, making it the least popular time of year to paint one’s home, especially the exterior. Even if you don’t plan on painting until the cooler months, you will want to take advantage of all of the paint sales in July by doing your shopping at this time.



Suits that were released in spring will be going on sale in July. If you know you will be in need of a suit, plan ahead so that you can purchase a timeless and classic suit that will continue to be in style through the following spring season.


Broadway Tickets

The great thing about purchasing tickets for these shows in July is that locals tend to leave New York in the summer, meaning theaters have more seats to fill than they usually do. Their main objective is to get bodies in to fill the seats, so they will discount their tickets as much as they are able to. Last minute discounts and rush tickets are also available and provide these highly-anticipated show tickets at prices for under $20.


Fine Jewelry

The most popular times of year for people to buy jewelry are Christmas and Valentine’s Day. To pick up sales during summer, jewelry retailers will usually offer fantastic deals on higher-end jewelry, to include precious gems, metals and wedding ring sets.