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Almost all major retailers provide some sort of rewards program, and one of our favorites is offered by Target. Target Circle, the chain's free loyalty program, connects members with incentives for purchasing as well as additional Target promotions and savings opportunities.

Target introduced Target Circle in October 2019 in an effort to make shopping simpler and more enjoyable. Target Cartwheel, the retailer's prior loyalty program, was replaced with Target Circle.

If you're thinking about joining Target Circle, keep reading because we've put together a detailed guide that covers everything you need to know about the alluring rewards program. Plus, stay up to date on the best Target coupons at all times here at JoinSavvy.com!


What is Target Circle and how does it work?

Think of Target Circle as the store's rewards program. Members of the Target Circle receive 1% cash back on eligible purchases after registering for free. Also, Target Circle provides extra discounts on particular items, much like an extra coupon. These offers are frequently customized based on your past purchases and the percent-back rewards can be applied to future Target purchases.


Do you have to pay for Target Circle?

No way! Target Circle is free to join and can be accessed by clicking the account link within the Target App or by registering online. You must first create a Target account, which only requires that you supply your name and an active email address.


What are Target Circle benefits?

The advantages of Target Circle go beyond just receiving 1% back on purchases from Target. These benefits of membership also include:

  • Access to personalized offers for up to 50% off and hundreds more discounts.
  • Access to special member-only discounts.
  • A birthday shopping trip where you receive 5% back at Target on eligible purchases.
  • Vote to help Target pick which local nonprofits to support.


How do you use Target Circle?

Here is how Target Circle members can receive 1% back on purchases:

In Target Stores:

  • In the Target app, scan the Target circle barcode located in your Wallet.
  • At the register or self-checkout screen, enter in the phone number you used to register.

If you forget to complete either of these things when you check out, you can use the Target app to enter the receipt for Target Circle points retroactively. Use the app to manually enter your receipt or scan it within seven days of the purchase to receive rewards for that purchase.

On Target.com:

All you have to do to automatically receive 1% back on purchases is be logged into your Target account.

Through the Target App:

You will automatically receive 1% back on in-app purchases if you link your Target Circle account to your Target app.


What kinds of purchases qualify for Target Circle rewards?

With a few exceptions, almost all purchases made at Target locations, online at Target.com, or through the Target app qualify for Target Circle rewards.

However, you won't receive Target Circle rewards for the following purchases:

  • Alcohol-based drinks
  • Prescription medications
  • Target Optical purchases

In the Target Circle terms and conditions, you can find a complete list of prohibited items.


How do I redeem Target Circle rewards?

Your Target Circle rewards are the 1% back that you have accrued from all of your trips to Target. On the checkout screen, whether you're using the app or the website, you'll find a redemption option.

After entering your payment details, click the 'Apply' button next to your Target Circle rewards.


What happens if you forget to scan Target Circle?

If you forget to scan Target Circle or enter your phone number at checkout, you can scan your receipt into the Target app up to seven days after your purchase to receive full credit for your Target Circle purchase.

  • Simply scan your receipt using the Target app's barcode scanner up to seven days following the sale. The barcode scanner may be found in the top right corner of the Discover tab, barcode scanner icon.
  • You can manually enter your receipt number on the app by choosing the Enter receipt number button if your receipt won't scan.

If you're still having issues, just call 1-800-204-7704 and a member of the Target staff can assist you.


How do I get more Target Circle offers?

As a member of Target Circle, you can receive a bonus called the Target Circle Bonus. Depending on the specifics of your deal, when you receive a Target Circle Bonus, you may be eligible to earn additional Target Circle earnings rewards by making eligible purchases at Target, either in-store or online.

Where can I find my Target Circle Bonus?

  • In the Target app: Find your Target Circle Bonus offers in your Target account on the Target Circle card.
  • On Target.com: Locate your active Target Circle Bonus offers on your Dashboard in your Target account.


What is the Target birthday gift?

Make sure to update your Target account with your birthdate! That way, on your birthday, you'll receive a special Circle offer for 5% off any item. This offer can be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's coupon and the RedCard's 5% discount, but not with any other Circle discounts.


What is the difference between Target Red Card and Target Circle?

Target RedCard, the company's credit or debit card, and Target Circle are two different rewards programs. Every time you purchase at Target in-store, online, or through the Target app, you get 5% off when you sign up for a Target RedCard credit or debit card.

Other advantages of the Target RedCard include:

  • Free two day shipping
  • Extra 30 days for exchanges and returns.
  • Exclusive discounts and offers

Plus, you will immediately be enrolled in Target Circle if you have a Target RedCard. The savings do not, however, stack up. If you have a Target RedCard, you will receive 5% off of your purchases from Target rather than 1% in rewards.

One significant distinction between the two programs is that earnings from Target Circle must be used on a subsequent visit. As a Target RedCard holder, you will instantly get 5% off your current Target purchase.


Is it worth joining Target Circle?

Without a doubt. Target Circle is completely free and savvy customers can use it to maximize their discounts every time they shop at Target.

But even if you don't enjoy using coupons or adding up every last penny, becoming a member of Target Circle will unintentionally result in savings for you. You will either receive 1% back or a coupon for a product you were planning to purchase anyhow.


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