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If you've done many returns to Walmart, you're aware that things can go smoothly one day and be difficult the next. One of the most difficult aspects of Walmart's return policy is that it varies from store to store.

Below, we'll explain what is definite policy and what is up to the discretion of the person standing at the customer service counter on the day you return. We 'll also show you how to make returns from your car or home.

In general, things should be proceed easily if you make your purchase inside the 90-day window (30 days for electronics). We'll teach you how to still get a refund from Walmart even if you're outside of that time frame, don't have a receipt, or both.

Also, the "Holiday Guarantee" makes the policy even smoother and more convenient throughout the holiday buying season.

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1. You have 90 days to return most items under Walmart's return policy.

You have 90 days under Walmart's return policy to send back products like clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. for a full refund in the form of the original payment method.

Additionally, you have 30 days to return the majority of third-party (marketplace) items from and 60 days to return prescription glasses.

Credit and debit card refunds will be processed as cash, and debit card refunds will be available in up to 10 working days.


2. You have 30 days to return electronics per Walmart's return policy.

Most electronics at Walmart, including electric scooters, hoverboards, and Verizon postpaid mobile phones, can be returned within 30 days after purchase.

You have 14 days to return any other mobile phones to Walmart.

SAVVY SECRET: With Walmart's "Holiday Guarantee," you can return anything you buy on or after October 1 through January 31, 2023. And it includes electronics and things from the marketplace.


3. Trees, shrubs, and perennials can be returned within a year, but a receipt is necessary.

Walmart provides you a full year to return any trees, shrubs, or perennials, just like Home Depot and Lowe's do. No concerns if you don't have a green thumb; they may even be dead when you return them. But in order to return an item, you must have your proof of purchase, exactly like in home improvement stores.


4. The Walmart Fresh Guarantee gives you a refund for perishable goods that you don't have to return.

Walmart offers the Fresh Guarantee on all perishable items from its Produce, Fresh Flowers, Meat, Bakery, Deli, Dairy, and Frozen departments. They'll offer you a complete refund as long as you have a receipt. The only requirement is that you must start the return process before the "best by" date. You might not have to return the item if you initiate your return on the App or online, according to official Walmart message under "our guarantee."

According to a press release from 2017, this option might also be offered for several home products, like shampoo and cosmetics.


5. As of October 2022, Walmart will offer curbside returns.

You can avoid those annoying return lines during the holiday season of 2022. Free curbside returns are being offered by Walmart. It's as simple as driving up to your neighborhood Walmart, waiting in the pickup area, and having a Walmart employee process your returns.

If it's anything like Walmart Grocery Pickup, you'll be able to schedule the pickup through the website or Walmart app. Walmart hasn't specified exactly how arranging your curbside return will operate.

On October 1, 2022, curbside returns will begin in a few places before expanding across the country during the ensuing months. So, if it doesn't arrive in your location straight immediately, be patient.


6. Members of Walmart Plus can arrange for home pickup of their returned items.

If you are a Walmart Plus member, making returns won't require you to do much effort.

Walmart Plus members will have the choice of a free home pickup for qualified returns starting on October 1, 2022. A Walmart delivery person will show up at your door and take your return from you after you've scheduled a return.

The delivery person will take the item as is and handle the return processing for you; you won't need to fuss with boxes or labels. This is now only available in a few places before going countrywide in the upcoming months, similar to curbside returns.

SAVVY SECRET: If you're still debating if Walmart Plus is worthwhile, read this to find out how it can save you hundreds.


7. Any Walmart private brand may be returned with simply the empty package.

Walmart's policy is brief and vague, but the following is a direct quote: “Not 100% Satisfied with a Walmart Private Brand Item? We’ll replace it or refund your money. All you need is the package.” Visit "our guarantees" to read it for yourself.

We assumed this meant we could return an open-box, used item if all you need is the package. So we walked in and returned a used Great Value item and received a full refund because we wanted to see for ourselves. We had the receipt in the Walmart app, but even without it, we could have switched to a different brand. Take note. The lesson is this: We avoid generic products out of concern that they won't match the quality of name brands. So, disregard it. With the understanding that you can always return an item if you don't like it, you can now afford to try out Walmart brands.

Walmart brands include:

  • Avia
  • Equate
  • EV1
  • George
  • Great Value
  • Marketside
  • Mainstays
  • No Boundaries
  • Pen+Gear
  • Play Day
  • Parent’s Choice
  • Special Kitty
  • Terra & Sky
  • Time and Tru
  • Wonder Nation


8. For purchases under $10, you can return products to Walmart without a receipt and receive cash.

You're not out of luck if you have zero evidence of purchasing. Bring the goods and a current, government-issued photo ID to the service desk. Your ID will be used to trace your returns. A 45-day period is supposed to allow for a maximum of three returns without receipts, but Walmart won't confirm that information for me.

The lesser of the item's current selling price or its lowest price over the last 90 days will be deducted from your return. In most cases, refunds are handled as merchandise credits or exchanges. Cash or credit refunds will be processed for refunds of $10 or less.

Verify that the name on your Walmart account matches to the name on your photo ID to do a return.


9. In-store purchases can be searched using the card you used to pay.

You're not out of luck if you made an in-store purchase, paid with a card, then threw away your receipt. To provide you a refund, Walmart will scan the credit or debit card you used to make the purchase.


10. With an email confirmation, you can return things under Walmart's online return policy to the store.

Bring up the 13-digit order number from your email and present it to the service desk if you wish to return something in-person.

They'll promptly reimburse it to the card you used to make your purchase, so there's no need to even take out your wallet. The same is true if you paid for your things using PayPal or Affirm, for example.


11. If you return an item through the Walmart app, you might be able to keep it for free.

You can expedite your in-store return by using the Walmart app. You may perform this action through your purchase history in the app and it is known as Mobile Express Returns. You will receive a QR code to present at the service desk, deliver the items, and presto! simple return


12. Alternatively, you can return your online returns for free by mail.

Your Walmart order can be returned by mail without costing you a penny. This applies whether you placed your order online or in-store at The entire procedure can be completed via the Walmart app's Purchase History section. Only orders from independent sellers on the Walmart marketplace are exempt from paying for return shipping.

The length of time it takes to receive your money back after mailing a return is the only drawback. Expect a two- to three-week wait even though you'll get your money back as soon as the merchandise is completed.


13. Starting on November 1, Walmart's holiday return policy extends the return period until after Christmas.

Holiday return policies simply prolong the amount of time a store will accept returns. These are the details of Walmart's Christmas return policy.

There is no holiday return policy for items having a 90-day return policy (which covers the majority of the store). There is no exception; the item must be returned within 90 days of purchase.

Electronics and third-party sellers are exempt from the holiday return policy, which goes into effect on November 1 and stops the return clock from starting until December 26 for items having a 14-day to 30-day return window.

Review the official details.


14. A list of things that you cannot return to Walmart is available.

Even while Walmart's 90-day return policy covers a lot, there are some items you simply cannot return.

Here are some things you should not expect a refund for:

  • Mail-order software
  • Firearms, ammunition, crossbows, and airsoft/BB guns
  • Prepaid cell phone minutes
  • Pepper spray
  • Trading cards
  • Gas-powered vehicles such as ATVs, go karts, and dirt motorcycles
  • Prescription drugs and devices
  • Diabetic supplies and hygienic medical equipment
  • Used tires
  • Anything with pseudoephedrine, phenylpropanolamine, or ephedrine in it.
  • Sex toys and home diagnostic testing kits, including pregnancy and ovulation testing kits


15. Some items can only be exchanged if they have already been opened.

Opened returns are generally not a big deal at Walmart, but they are for the following things:

  • Unlocked mobile devices (14 days to exchange)
  • Air mattresses and air beds (90 days to exchange)
  • Medical equipment such as walkers, crutches, and slings (90 days to exchange)

You will not receive a refund for any of these, but you may exchange them.


16. Send back damaged goods within the first 90 days.

If you have a receipt, you may still return a damaged or defective item during the first 90 days. Even products that have been opened are included in this. The same rules apply to gadgets and prescription eyewear (60 days) (30 days).


17. Non-perishable food may be returned within 90 days, but only with a receipt.

Non-perishable foods are eligible for returns at Walmart within 90 days after purchase as long as you have the receipt; there are no exceptions to this rule.

And for perishable things, you wouldn't even need to return the item to receive a refund. However, if  you abuse this rule, your account can be banned.


18. Walmart does not accept the return of gift cards.

The majority of stores don't accept gift cards back and issue refunds unless your state requires it.

Regardless of whether it's a Walmart gift card, Visa gift card, restaurant gift card, casino gift card, etc., if you decide to change your mind after purchasing a gift card at Walmart, you're out of luck.

We strongly advise either using the gift card right away or selling it on a Gift Card resell website.

Gift card returns are starting to be required by several states for retailers. The following states require gift cards to be returnable:

  • California: for cards with balance of $10 or less with original balance above $10.
  • Colorado: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • Massachusetts: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • Maine: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • Montana: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • New Jersey: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • Oregon: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • Washington: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • Puerto Rico: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • Texas: for cards with balance of $2.50 or less with original balance above $5.
  • Rhode Island: for cards with balance of $5 or less.
  • Vermont: for cards with balance of $5 or less.


19. Can I return an item after using a coupon? The coupon's face value won't be returned to you.

Imagine that you bought a $5 box of hair dye with a $1 manufacturer coupon only to discover that it is the wrong shade. You can still make the return, but you'll only receive $4 back instead of the coupon's full value.


20. You can return unopened Walmart contacts for up to a year.

You have 365 days to return contacts that you purchase from But for a full refund, they must be unopened.


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