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A lot of information concerning Walmart price tags, clearance, and Rollback numbers has been posted online. But to be honest, most of it is flat-out false. So we checked every Walmart price tag claim in the aisles and with Walmart staff.

Before your next shopping trip, review this information to learn everything there is to know about Walmart price tags.

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1. Walmart price tags that finish in "1" represent the lowest possible price: FALSE.

We actually observed our local news station attempting to inform the public that Walmart prices that finish in "1" reflect the lowest possible price. We were informed by a Walmart manager that this is not at all true.


2. Temporary price reductions, often lasting four to ten weeks, are known as Walmart Rollback markdowns: TRUE.

To determine how long the price reduction might last, look at the date when each Rollback started. Although you should expect four to ten weeks, we've heard that some things may have Rollback prices for up to 90 days.


3. Regular, everyday low prices are always indicated on Walmart price tags that end in ".97": FALSE.

".97" is the most popular everyday low price ending at Walmart. However, Rollback pricing might occasionally have the same last number, making this information essentially worthless.


4. Walmart's first-time price reductions end in "0" or "5": FALSE.

While there have been speculations that when anything is first marked down at Walmart, it will end in a "0" or a "5", this is wrong. Who is the source of these rumors?


5. The price tags on Walmart clearance items always end in  "00": FALSE.

Despite the fact that some Walmart clearance pricing end in "00," this isn't always the case. This is due, in part, to the fact that each Walmart store manager has a separate markdown budget that they can utilize as they see fit to manage store inventories. Walmart corporate may order a markdown to $11.00, but the manager may decide to mark it down to $9.88 because there are still so many items on the shelf.


6. Until they sell, prices for Walmart clearance items will be reduced once a month: TRUE.

Walmart often offers clearance markdowns in the first two weeks of every month. An item is frequently reduced monthly until it sells. They might miss a month, but mid-month markdowns are quite unlikely.

While these items are typically discounted once a month, the manager may decide to change the schedule.


7. The date on the Walmart price tag indicates the most recent price change for the item: TRUE.

The date the tag was produced is printed on every price tag at Walmart. This can be used to your advantage, since a difference of a few months can signify a new markdown coming up, depending on the retailer or manager.

The only other occasion for changing a tag is when a Walmart product is moved to a different shelf or area.


8. Rollback prices consistently beat their rivals: FALSE.

Although there are some fantastic Walmart Rollback discounts available, the pricing isn't always cheaper than competitors.


9. Within a single store, clearance pricing is always consistent: FALSE.

In one store, it's not unusual to discover two similar clearance goods with different pricing.

The good news? Find a scanner to see what the item will truly cost at the register if you see several pricing. Let's hope it's the cheaper price.


10. A 9-digit UPC on each price tag might help you locate sold-out merchandise in rival retailers' stores: TRUE.

Open on your phone and pick "Inventory Checkers" from the main menu if you locate an empty shelf at Walmart. Choose a rival retailer like Target or Sam's Club (but not Walmart, as as of September 2022, their local inventory data is no longer shared with BrickSeek). Next, enter the nine-digit UPC number along with your zip code to discover the costs and stock of the same item at close rivals.


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