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Best Wireless Earbuds 2023



BLXBuds are the first wireless earbuds in the world, that have received a 5-star rating from our experts. It is the best option in our test thanks to its outstanding sound quality and battery life of more than 8 hours between charges.


✅ Expert’s top choice!

✅ Incredibly detailed sound

✅ Case has built-in battery

✅ Built-in microphone

✅ Lightweight and comfortable


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Sony WF-1000XM4

Performance, ergonomics, and build quality have never been better combined than they are with the Sony WF-1000XM4. They aren't flawless, but as a whole, they're difficult to defeat. But these are also the most expensive tested.


✅ Full body sound

✅ Useful features

✅ Impressive call quality


❌ Unremarkable battery life

❌ Lackluster noise-canceling

❌ Can take a few moments to position comfortably

❌ Highest price in our test


Apple AirPods Pro 2

While the AirPods Pro 2 are not ideal for Android users and definitely cost a pretty penny, we were captivated by the audio performance and superb noise cancellation.


✅ Great noise cancelation

✅ Super sound and audio quality

✅ Longer battery life

✅ Pairs easily with iPhone


❌ High price

❌ Lack of alternative colors

❌ Limited non-Apple support


Google Pixel Buds Pro

The main feature of Google's Pixel Buds Pro is a 31-hour battery life, but if Google wants to win, the sound quality needs some improvement.


✅ Good noise cancellation and transparency profiles

✅ Impressive battery life

✅ Touch controls work well


❌ Sound is a little compressed

❌ Suffers for timing

❌ Fit feels insecure


Jabra Elite 3

If you can live without active noise cancellation, the Jabra Elite 3 earbuds give a decent all-around audio experience that reflects their inexpensive price tag.


✅ Sound quality was well rounded

✅ Decent battery life


❌ Sound not as full as the top tested

❌ Mediocre mic

❌ No active noise canceling

To say that the market for wireless earphones has flourished in recent years would be an understatement. In order to maximize sound quality, a high-quality bluetooth earbud should feature an ergonomic design that fits snugly in your ears and creates a tight seal. In order to use them for extended periods of time, they need also be comfortable to wear and have enough of battery life. Finding the best wireless earbud for you might not be a simple process today now that the market is overrun with them. All of the wireless earbuds listed here were thoroughly examined by our team of specialists, and they were then ranked according to their overall performance, including quality, functions & features, usability, sound quality, comfort, discounts offered, performance, and value.


We put the most popular wireless earbuds on the market to the test.

Big tech businesses have been overcharging their customers for wireless earbuds for ages. These products have less brand-new features and higher pricing when they first hit the market.

Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your purchases rather than merely acting on impulse. According to our study, the best choice will be the most effective for you.


What sets BLXBuds apart?

Founded by a group of Japanese engineers who are audio technology specialists. To build BLXBuds, they collaborated with a group of data scientists, sound engineers, and musicians.

It fits your ears naturally, is lighter and more comfy than the majority of wireless earbuds we tested.

The first wireless earbuds in the world, BLXBuds, have received a 5-star evaluation from our experts.

It is the best option in our test thanks to its outstanding sound quality and battery life of more than 8 hours between charges.


What is the price?

When you consider the BLXBuds' features, a price tag of up to $200 is not surprising. Which would still be less expensive than the majority of its rivals (several were over $300).

We were therefore shocked to see that the company offers these earbuds at a 50% discount.

That means that the best wireless earphones are available for just $49.99!