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Hatchimals and the NES Classic Edition were two notable toys over the years, as were Fingerlings and the SNES Classic in 2017, Pomsies and Rainbocorns in 2018, Blume Dolls and Owleez in 2019, Squeakee the Balloon Dog and Baby Yoda in 2020, and Magic Mixies in 2021.

We're not the only ones covering toys, though. Early in August, the Toy Foundation released its list of nominees for Toy of the Year. And on August 30, Walmart became the first retailer to release its yearly toy list, igniting the holiday frenzy. On September 12 and 13, respectively, Target and Amazon released their annual gift lists, sparking the toy marketing frenzies that precede each holiday season.

We spoke with toy specialists who understand what children desire and which toy trends will shape this holiday season in order to help us make sense of the holiday toy landscape for 2022. Additionally, read on for suggestions on when to buy holiday toys so you can obtain what you want and save the most.

We've compiled a list of the best toys for the Holiday season of 2022 by fusing what the experts had to say about this year's trends with early top toy rankings and our knowledge of what's flown off the shelves in prior years. Because the toys on this list could be hard to find in December, we hope that our list will encourage you to make your present list early this year.


Toy trends for the holidays in 2022

Jim Silver, CEO and editor in chief of TTPM, which offers professional toy evaluations and pricing comparisons of toys, baby products, and pet products, forecasts that this Christmas shopping season will likely resemble the shopping season of 2019 after a couple of years of new normals.

Although there won't be as many shortages, Silver predicts that the top 25 to 50 things will be hard to obtain and sold out.

If you're still putting together your shopping list, or if a specific toy you desire is out of stock, consider the following trends to help you through the toy landscape and select a toy that will delight your recipient.

Just keep in mind that while popular toys may receive a lot of publicity, trends vary by kid. In fact, parents looking to maximize their spending and discover gifts that their youngsters won't throw away after unwrapping may be the largest trend this year.

Every child is unique, so typically one type doesn't predominate, according to Silver. What's different is that parents put a lot of emphasis on play value; they want toys that kids will use for several hours rather than just for 15 minutes.


1. Big brands continue to be popular

The classics are always a good choice, and many of the big names are working hard to maintain their position at the top of wish lists.

LEGO, Barbie, Play-Doh, Squishy Marshmallows, Hot Wheels, and LOL all remain in great demand, according to Silver.

2. 2022 is the CoComelon year

As if it doesn't already control their daily life, according to our experts, one item will certainly take up most of the space on parents' shopping lists: cocomelon. The toy MVP for this season is CoComelon, while JJ, the protagonist, is a popular cartoon character. Walmart included CoComelon on its list of recommended holiday toys.

Marissa Silva, editor in chief of The Toy Insider, a website that offers advice on how to choose toys and professional evaluations, claims that this year has seen a true CoComelon takeover. Kids love CoComelon like a cuckoo! You name it, JJ is on it: karaoke machines, bubble machines, splash pads, plush, dolls, toy sets, automobiles, and blocks.

Silver concurs, saying "CoComelon is on fire in terms of licenses."

3. Children enjoy making their TV heroes come to life.

Other well-known exhibitions, including CoComelon, are expected to have a great year in terms of products.

Pokémon, Bluey, and Alice's Wonderland Bakery will all be popular, according to Silva.

Silver claims that Paw Patrol "still rules preschool."

Additionally, he adds, "Jurassic World dinosaurs are having a good year, and we predict Black Panther to be big with the new movie coming." Gabby's Dollhouse is also in high demand.

4. Toy trends include STEM, Emotional Intelligence, and Food

The most significant toy trends for 2022 will be completed by a few enlightening, instructional toys.

Silva observes that this year, toys with a technological theme are popular. She claims that toys with food themes are also popular right now. And for 2022, toys that foster social and emotional intelligence are popular.

If you are unfamiliar with social-emotional learning toys, these are toys (and, in some cases, games) that teach kids how to understand their emotions and express them in fun, constructive ways. Consider these toys as a close evolutionary relative of the still-popular fidget and sensory toy trends.


Which toys will be the most popular this year?

The intricate supply chain makes it difficult to predict which toys will sell out this year. But some toys that our experts predict will be in high demand include:

1. Magic Mixies: After selling out of the first Magic Mixies Cauldron (from Moose Toys) last year, the Mixies have returned and are even better than before (see our list below).

Silver asserts that this year's new Magic Mixies toys are actually superior to those from the previous year. "Buy it if you see it; don't hesitate!"

Toy buyers from the previous year probably recall the Mixie craze from that year, when the toys sold out and then turned up on the costly secondhand market. With the release of the new Magic Mixies Crystal Ball toy this fall, the same could occur once more.

Every year, Silva adds, "typically we see people trying to resell toys at a premium price... especially toys that are super hard to find." Every child will want one of Moose's new Magic Mixies toys this year, which are going to be an absolute stunner.

2. Gaming consoles: The Xbox Series X, PS5, and Nintendo Switch OLED were all often sold out during the holiday season, and restocks turned into fiercely contested online sporting events. If you're looking for one of those in-demand consoles, be prepared for more of the same.

This year, Silva predicts that it will still be difficult to find video game systems.

3. Popular LEGO sets: Due to supply chain challenges, certain of LEGO's sets that are associated with popular franchises may sell out this holiday season.

Grab LEGO sets featuring well-known franchises like Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, and Super Mario when you see them, advises Silva.


Tips for Toy Shoppers

It's time to formulate your strategy now that you are familiar with the toy market (and know which toys to include on your purchasing list). So this year, when you're shopping for toys, remember these two principles:


1. Purchase those high-demand toys right away

Don't hold out hope that wildly popular toys will suddenly be on sale; odds are good that they won't even be.

"We usually suggest purchasing that in-demand item early. It won't be on sale and is probably already sold out, according to Silver.

2. Early December and Mid-December can be prime times to buy toys

Deals can be discovered both early and late if you're flexible (and aren't looking for one of the "it" toys of the year).

Mid-December offers some fantastic discounts, but not on the top 100 toys, according to Silver. When Amazon, Target, and Walmart release their enormous toy catalogs, keep an eye out for offers.

3. Avoid blowing your budget too soon.

Silva advises saving some money for later even though going shopping early will help you uncover bargains (and get the hottest goods this year). After all, children might be irrational.

Toy marketing will begin shortly, but it will take some time for your children to actually select what they want, according to Silva. “If you shop too early, you’ll be stunned when they hit you with a last-minute must-have item!”

4. Be prepared to experience inflation in the toy aisle.

According to Silver, the cost of manufacturing and distributing toys has grown by around 10%.

Overall, inflation will force toy buyers to extend their budgets, according to Silva.

The toy aisle has undoubtedly been affected by inflation, according to Silva. Consumers are spending more money on fewer toys because dollar sales are up but unit sales are down.

This means that consumers will need to plan their purchases a little bit more in advance (they already need to be strategic when buying toys).

You should definitely budget in a few extra dollars for toy purchases this year, Silva advises. You should also keep an eye out for deals and retailer holidays, and try to purchase several gifts at once to benefit from incentives like free shipping or bulk discounts.


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