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Almost anything is available at Target, including mattress covers, milk, and motor oil. However, Walmart also offers a lot of the identical products for sale (and then some).

So if they both have a lot to offer, which of these two popular stores is the best option for shopping?

If you're looking for a good deal, both stores provide extremely low prices, speedy shipping, and excellent customer service. However, there are a lot of differences between the mega-retailers. Choosing the best one for your shopping habits, comes down to the products you like to buy.

To determine which store would provide the best deals, we analyzed prices at both stores and evaluated some of the most popular household goods and personal care products. We avoided name brands whenever possible because we're always looking for the best discounts. For example, at Walmart, we used Great Value, Equate, and Parent's Choice, while at Target we used up & up and Smartly.

In general, Walmart frequently undercuts Target's prices, but only by a few cents. And when Target does undercut Walmart, it typically does so by a wide margin. In the end, it appears that quality rather than cost may determine the best retailer. Here is how they performed.

Note: Prices may vary by store and are based on local research in Georgia.


Household Staples

1. Paper Towels

Better than average ratings are given to Target's Up & Up brand by Good Housekeeping, which notes that the towels quickly absorbed liquids and left "little lint behind." However, Walmart's Great Value paper towels received an amazing 4th place score of 68 from Consumer Reports for their strength and absorbency.


2. Toilet Paper

Target’s store brand is 25 cents cheaper per 100 square feet!


3. Napkins

Both brands seem to offer nearly the same napkins, however Walmart is a dollar cheaper than Target, and you get 20 additional napkins!


4. Kitchen Trash Bags


5. Sandwich Bags


Cleaning Supplies

6. Liquid Dish Soap


7. Dishwasher Detergent Packs


8. Liquid Laundry Detergent


9. Bathroom Cleaner


10. All-Purpose Cleaner

They look nearly identical and cost almost the same, too.


Personal Care

11. Toothpaste

Since we couldn't find comparible store brands for this item, we compared the same brand and size of toothpaste—Colgate Toothpaste with Cavity Protection (2.5-ounce tube) is 11 cents cheaper at Target!


12. Body Wash


13. Hand Soap


14. Deodorant

Walmart sells top selling deodorants for two cents less than Target.


15. Diapers

Good Housekeeping and knowledgeable moms on the internet give Target's diapers top ratings. However, Good Housekeeping rates Walmart's store brand's speed of absorbency as "below average." They cost a few cents less each per diaper, but we'll leave that up to you to decide whether that is worthwhile.


16. Baby Wipes

Both brands offer unscented wipes, perfect for sensitive skin. You'll pay a few cents less per 100 wipes at Walmart, so it ultimately comes down to preference!


Health & Wellness

If you are in need of ibuprofen pills, they’re a penny less at Target.

17. Ibuprofen


18. Adult Gummy Multi-Vitamins

If gummies are your favorite way to take your daily dose of vitamins, they’re 1 cent less at Walmart.


19. Adult Fish Oil


20. Antacid

Both retail brands of antacids that are similar to Tums will work, however Walmart's are 11 cents less expensive.


21. Sunscreen



22. Shampoo & Conditioner

Since we couldn't locate any store brands that were comparable, we compared the costs of Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner. Even though Target's pricing for the bundle is 52 cents more, Target is the winner in this comparison because their pricing are a few cents less per ounce.


23. Body Lotion

With Target’s store brand, you’ll get 4.2 ounces more lotion for 75 cents less than at Walmart.


24. Makeup Remover Wipes


25. Razor Refills

While putting this together, we learned that store brand razor refills are far cheaper than name brands like Gillette, and they’re almost the same price at both stores. Aside from Walmart's store brand mens razors, the refills are interchangeable with the name brand razor.


The verdict: Walmart vs. Target

Tallying up the results in each category, Walmart beats Target on most prices! With that said, the best retailer can only be determined based on personal preference. Your purchasing preferences and the kinds of items you purchase will determine this. Most often, Walmart is the place to go if you want the most discounts and benefits. Target provides an improved shopping experience and high-quality, modern products that look and feel much more expensive than they are. You may feel good about whichever decision you pick because shopping at any of these stores allows you to save money and time!


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