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One of our favorite curbside services is Target Drive Up. The Target app simplifies the entire process and even offers last minute pickups!

And, even if you use curbside pickup, you can use a lot of the savvy savings strategies that you would use in-store.

Discover Target discounts and become familiar with the details of their return policy for even more savings and better bargains.


How much does Target drive up cost?

You must download the Target app in order to place your order for curbside pickup at Target. The entire Drive Up service is free, not just the app. There are no added costs. The cost will be exactly the same as if you had gone to the store and chosen your own things.


What is the minimum order amount for Target Drive up?

Target Drive Up grocery pickup has no minimum order amount, in contrast to Walmart's $30 order minimum. Therefore, a $10 trip to the market to buy extra fruit won't be more expensive than making the $10 run.


Does Target accept SNAP/EBT For Drive Up orders?

EBT is difficult. Many states had rules in place at the start of the epidemic that forbade retailers from accepting SNAP payments for curbside grocery pickup orders.

Localities in states like Pennsylvania, however, repealed this restriction halfway through the pandemic, allowing customers to use EBT even if the order was Drive Up.

Target still doesn't provide an EBT payment option at the checkout, even in areas where local and state regulations have changed. However, there is a workaround if you're high risk and feel there's absolutely no way you should risk your life to go inside of a Target store.

Prior to placing your order, you must call the store. Your request for the store worker to go out to your car and grab your EBT card and PIN may or may not be granted by the store manager. They would then bring your groceries with them as they left after processing the card as an in-store purchase.

Individual shoppers have reported success with this approach in the real world. However, it is not official policy.

If your local Target is unwilling to do this, you may want to contact other grocers who will not force you to endanger your life merely because you are limited on resources. If you live in a location where laws have changed as a result of the pandemic, they may even take SNAP payments via their own apps.


How do I place a Target drive up order?

Your order will be set to Pickup by default. The difference between order pickup and drive-up is as follows:

  • Available through the app or, Order Pickup is for things you grab from the customer care counter inside the store.
  • Drive Up is the sole curbside pickup option available through the Target app; an employee carries your order out to your car in the parking lot.

You will be offered the choice between Pickup and Drive Up after adding an item to your cart. Make sure you select "Drive Up" for each option. Before placing your order, you can adjust the setting in your cart if you make a mistake.


Use your RedCard to save 5% on Target Drive Up & Pickup orders

You KNOW we'll talk about savings when we do!

Like with an in-store purchase, you can save 5% on your Target pickup order when you pay with your RedCard.


Can I use Target Circle offers on Drive Up orders?

View the Circle offer you want to redeem in the Target app. Then, to determine if the deal is eligible for Drive Up, check the icons under the headline "Valid when you shop..."


For even more savings, stack Circle offers with gift card promotions.

Most Target gift card promos are also Drive Up eligible in the Target app. The app also allows you to access Target Circle percent-off savings.


How do you get $10 off at Target?

Compared to Walmart, Target doesn't provide as many coupons for grocery pickup.

That is not to say they don't really exist. Watch for Target promotions, such as "$10 off a $50 Pickup Order," which they'll promote at checkout counters and on their own promotional page.


Use rebate apps with Target Circle deals as well.

Use rebate apps to get even more cash back on your purchase to maximize your savings. The rebate apps that work with Drive Up are listed below:

  • Ibotta: Connecting your Target and Ibotta accounts will enable automatic rebates each time you utilize Drive Up.
  • Fetch Rewards: To earn points on Target's digital receipts, sign up for Fetch Rewards and connect your email account.

Some of these applications will want receipts. Every Drive Up grocery pickup order from Target includes an itemized digital receipt that is sent to your email address automatically. Additionally, you can search for your digital receipt in your Target account's "Purchases" section.


Can Target weekly ads be applied to Drive Up & Pick Up orders?

Drive Up customers can take advantage of the majority of the gift card specials, BOGO offers, and Target weekly ad deals. To see if a deal is available for drive-up, simply tap it in the "Target Circle offers" section of the app.


Does Target accept manufacturer coupons for Drive Up orders?

Target Drive Up does not accept manufacturer coupons. That covers newspaper coupons as well as printable coupons. Likewise, Drive Up purchases cannot be made using the dollar-off manufacturer coupons available in the Target app.


Does Target app offer coupons?

It's simple to figure out which deals apply to Target Drive Up orders. For instance, you will get a collection of icons for each kind of order when you click on a Circle offer. The deal is valid if the Drive Up icon is colored-lit.

You should search for offers that state they are available "with same-day order services" in the "Top Deals" area of the app. Among these services are:

  • Target Pick Up (in store)
  • Target Drive Up
  • Target Delivery


What payment types does Target accept?

EBT may not be accepted while picking up groceries at Target. However, you can make payments using almost any other method, including:

  • Your RedCard
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Gift cards


How long does Target Drive Up usually take?

Both have happened to me. You can receive a message that your order is ready within minutes of placing it if the business isn't overly busy.

You might have to wait the whole two hours before your order is ready if it's a busy time of day.

But that doesn't imply you have to show up in two hours. There is no specific time for it that is just when your order will be available.


How Target Drive Up works

You have the option to alert Target on the app when you are ready to pick up your curbside shopping order. This provides them time to prepare your order, saving you the hassle of having to wait while they look for it when you arrive at the store.

But it's not necessary to take this action. I just wait a few more minutes after I've informed Target that I've arrived since I personally don't feel like giving them access to my GPS location at all times.


How do I pickup my Target order?

When you get go to Target, park in a drive-up space. Then, open your app and hit the button to notify Target that you've arrived.

You will be asked to:

  • Give your parking space's number
  • Your car's make, model, and color
  • And where you'd like your purchase to be dropped off in the vehicle.

Target has done a great job with contactless curbside pickup throughout the pandemic. You will be directed to a white screen with a four-digit number after providing your information.

As the store associate brings your order, keep your windows closed. They will then enter the number into their own mobile device after you hold up your phone through the window. They will then place your order where you specified in the app, whether that be in the back seat, trunk, or another location.


Can someone else pickup my Target order?

Recently, Target updated its app to include a "Shopping Team" feature. This function enables you to designate a different person to pick up your order. Click "Shopping Team" under "settings." The name and email address of the other individual will then be required.

After that, it will be up to them to respond to the email and join your team. They need to be able to pick up your purchase in the same way that you can.


Do you tip the Target Drive Up person?

Unlike the majority of waitresses and delivery drivers, Target employees are paid their full wages. You're not obligated to give them a tip for their assistance.

Some employees could even be instructed to decline tips. Therefore, if you strive to be pleasant but still get rejected, try not to get upset. They're probably just trying to comply to the rules of their particular store.


What happens if I don't pick up my Target drive up order?

Drive Up and Pickup orders are held for three days. Target will cancel your order and give you a full refund to your original method of payment if it is not picked up within three days, unless your order includes fresh groceries.

If your order includes fresh groceries, they'll keep your groceries from a Target Drive Up order until the end of the following business day. Then cancel and refund at the end of the business day. 


Can I order alcohol on Target Drive Up?

You can include beer (and/or liquor) in your Drive Up order if your Target sells it. It is also eligible for the RedCard discount.

This policy may not apply in certain situations due to state or local alcohol-related legislation, therefore please note the asterisk.


Does Target price match Drive Up orders?

Target won't let you price match with the Drive Up employee in the parking lot, but if you locate an item you bought for less within 14 days after you finish your pickup, they'll offer you a price adjustment.

Target stores price match, a few online rivals, and regional print ads, in accordance with the company's price matching policy.


Can I cancel my Target Drive Up or Order Pickup order?

Have you ever checked out, received your purchase confirmation, and then realized you forgot to get something? After placing your purchase on the app, you may quickly add extra goods if you want to pick up everything at once. It might be best to just place a another order, and when you get the news that they are prepared, pick up both orders at the same time.

You can cancel your Drive Up and Pickup orders on by selecting Orders or in the app's Purchases section in the Account/Name tab, by calling Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869, by going to Guest Services in the store where you picked up your order, or by choosing not to pick it up during the pickup window.


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