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Are you ready to learn how to use coupons at Target? Thanks to Target's couponing policy, it's simple.

We also have the answers to your most frequently asked questions, like how to get Target coupons, what to look for in the Target weekly ad, what makes the Target RedCard so unique, and how to get the best deals at Target. We'll demonstrate how to use coupons to save money and how to make a Target registry to receive further savings. We also have information about Target's return policy and price match policy.

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1. Download the official Target app to get exclusive offers and coupons.

The first step is to download the Target app and create a Target Circle account if you want the keys to the Target kingdom. This enables you to take advantage of all the special discounts and coupons, earn 1% cash back on all Target purchases, and receive an extra 5% off your whole purchase on your birthday.


2. Get a Target RedCard to save 5% on purchases at Target.

This is not an advertisement. Just our best advice, really. With the Target RedCard, you can save 5% on all in-store and online purchases at the retailer. Additionally, Target offers an additional 30 days for returns and 5% off any in-store Starbucks purchases.

Wait for a promotion before applying for a RedCard; when I applied, I received a voucher good for $50 off a $100 purchase. It arrived in the mail with my real RedCard and had a 30-day expiration date.

You can choose to link your checking account to a debit card or apply for a shop credit card, but because the debit option offers the same advantages, we highly recommend it.

Target gift cards, prescription medications, and eye exams at Target Optical cannot be paid for with the RedCard discount. And when you use your RedCard to pay, you'll receive the 5% discount but not the pitiful 1% Circle cash back suggested in the previous suggestion.

SAVVY SECRET: Add your physical RedCard to the wallet on your Target app. When you check out, all you need to do to pay is present your barcode to the cashier.


3. Stack Target coupons and deals using Savvy's website.

To stay up to date on all the specials without having to spend hours online, visit With helpful links to everything, we'll let you know what kinds of Target discounts and coupons you'll need to combine to get them. We look through the Target weekly ad every Saturday!


4. After adding your RedCard to your Target Wallet, simply scan your barcode to begin.

There is no need to await the mail delivery of your Target RedCard. By linking your RedCard to your Wallet on the Target app, you can use it before getting the physical card. What motivates you to accomplish this? Because doing so will instantly redeem all the coupons and offers you've clipped or added to your list in the Target Wallet app, pay for your purchases, and give you 5% cash back on everything you buy.

Of course, you can enter your phone number during checkout to have your offers deducted from your total, but you'd still need to take out your RedCard and insert it into the reader. The barcode on your wallet completes all tasks with a single beep.

And if you want to benefit from the next tip, which you do, you must pay via the Target app's Wallet feature. Trust me, you do.


5. Check the app for Target Circle deals, manufacturer coupons, and exclusive promotions.

Members of Target Circle have access to special "Circle offers"—which are basically just coupons—in the Target app. There are two kinds: manufacturer coupons with a dollar off and retailer coupons with a percentage off. Simply click the + symbol to add a discount or deal to your list in order to use it.

  • Up to four percent-off store coupons may be used in a single transaction. They are multiple-use discounts that may be used on a variety of goods, such as 10% off Starbucks cold coffee and 15% off dog and cat food.
  • Manufacturer coupons with a dollar off are one-time use only, and they may only be used in stores. Coupons for $1 off each purchase can be used just once.