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ยท 4 min read is a website where you can store pictures and transform them into a variety of awesome gifts and keepsakes. You can also get prints of your digital pictures. They have countless products including:

  • Calendars
  • Mugs
  • Blankets
  • Magnets
  • And more!

With so many options, being able to save money at is a great option so that you can buy more items. The wonderful thing about Shutterfly is it is very easy to get items for free. You do end up paying shipping costs and be mindful that if you have multiple items to redeem, you may pay separate shipping on them as not all offers stack.


New Mommies

If you are expecting, or if you know someone who is, go to every baby show you can. Also, fill out multiple baby registries, go to baby events, fill out any promotional forms you are given, and go online to make sure you have explored all the baby freebies.

As you are doing all of this, you will start receiving deals. Photo book coupons are one of the things you will receive the most. Note the date of expiration, but you can go online and redeem these for free or discounted photo books.


Keep Those Catalinas

What is a Catalina? A Catalina is the little slip of paper that will sometimes print off at a register along with your normal receipt. It may contain an advertisement, a coupon for a local business or a product that was in your purchase, or a special deal for the store you were in. Sometimes, these print off with offers. It is easy to toss them in the trash without taking a good look, but if you shop at stores like Target or Winn-Dixie, you may run across these. Often, you can get a $30 photo book for free.


Take Advantage of Website Specials

If you sign up for the emails, they send out special deals constantly. It is also common to be able to earn free shipping by spending a certain amount on the website. The bottom line on the free shipping deal can vary. They also feature various sales under their “promotions” tab.


Take Advantage of New Customer Promotions

When you create an account on, you will receive a handful of new promotions to cash in on. Make sure that you take the time to create an account, as you get other benefits such as access to photos you uploaded in the past. Customers who sign up also get periodic emails with offers for free or discounted products.


Grab a Refreshing Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Rewards Members often get emails containing free products. If you have a bit of money saved back in advance so you are ready to jump on it, this is also a great way to get products at just the cost of shipping. Often, these deals expire within a month or a couple of weeks, so pay attention to the fine print. You can also redeem “Coke points” for products. These are points you earn from buying Coca-Cola products that you can then redeem on their special rewards website.


Check for Stacking

Sometimes, you can stack Shutterfly coupons. It may affect whether or not you can get free shipping, but it is always a good idea to go into your cart and see which coupons work together and what combination will get you the best deal. Being able to save on multiple items can sometimes outweigh the free shipping benefit. If that sounds like too much work, there is another option.


Use is a plug-in for your browser that will automatically hunt the best online coupons and deals for you. Enabling this plug-in by following the steps at will prompt the plug-in to find the best deals for your cart and apply them automatically for you. It saves a lot of time and hassle! The program is free to use and comes with other incentives, such as prizes.

Saving at is easy if you know where to look. There are a lot of great deals to take advantage of, and is extremely generous about handing them out. They make it easy to preserve memories in fun ways and find great gifts for mothers, grandparents, and other relatives. If you use the coupons as you come across them, you will soon have a great stack of gift items for family or to keep as mementos for yourself.