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ยท 3 min read offers a variety of household parts for those do-it-yourself renovators. Whether you need to update your kitchen, improve a bathroom, or expand a master bedroom, has what you need! There are products for every room in the house, as well as porch furniture and other items. They even have an augmented reality app that allows you to display potential purchases in your home before making the big decision!


Email Newsletter offers an email newsletter to inform customers of upcoming specials and releases. Signing up for the newsletter will nab you an extra 5 percent off of your purchase. Every little discount adds up, so take advantage of this deal! You can always decide to unsubscribe later.


Free Shipping

Orders over $49 receive free shipping. It is often worth it to add an item or two to bring the cart total up instead of paying for shipping and receiving less. The free shipping offer will require that you are paying $49 before tax, so make sure that if you are using a separate discount on your order, that it does not take your total below the minimum. Credit Card has its own credit card. Using this card comes with many benefits! Orders receive free shipping, and orders over $500 are eligible for special financing. There is a six-month period where purchases are interest free, as well. Purchases over $1,000 are given a 12-month period for this promotion. Speaking of promotions, card holders receive access to special events and discounts!


Check the Clearance has a special section devoted to clearance. This is a great area to pick up items at a deeply discounted rate. Being willing to select items from this section will enable you to purchase more for the same amount of money, expanding your renovation possibilities while still staying within budget.


Special Pricing

At the bottom of the website, under “Resources” is a heading titled “Special Pricing”. This takes you to a page where renovators or people re-doing more than one room in their house can submit for a bid. If you have a list of what you need to complete your project, you can use this form to negotiate a better price on your wish list!


Use has rotating sales and special deals that can find for you. Simply go to and enable the browser plug-in, then go shopping at your favorite websites, including! Once you have everything you need in your cart, you can use the special button in your browser to automatically find and apply the best deals! also has specials prizes and contest to participate in.

Using is an easy way to get renovations done for cheap. When renovating your house, a lot of the cost comes from labor. If you have the knowledge or the Internet research skills to do it yourself, buying parts from will save you a lot of money. Add your coupon savings on top of that, and renovations are not that expensive! is also a great place to pick up random parts you need in the house. Need to upgrade your faucet? Did your shower head stick to one random setting that you cannot get it off of? has parts for every room in the house, so be sure to check this website out the next time you need to improve your living space!