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Doing some research before hitting the “checkout” button in your cart can help save you money when shopping online. Unfortunately, relying on Google searches for coupons can lead to some pretty shady websites. Here are some ways to save on without accidentally delving into the dark web.


About Lands End

Lands End offers clothing for all ages and genders, as well as bags. They even have school uniform options. Lands End uses a variety of offers to help their consumers save while shopping.



When logging onto, current promotions are displayed in the top center of their website, as well as the code you will need during checkout.


Shipping Offers

If you spend $50 on the website, Lands End will cover your shipping. If your cart is getting close to $35 or $40 anyway, it may be wise to add another item to your cart. If you are going to pay the same amount in shipping anyway, why not get one more thing you or a family member needs?


Join Their Clubs

Lands End is part of Shop Your Way, which offers rewards for membership. You can also join the text club and the email newsletter for Lands End. Often, customers who opt in to these communication methods are given a savings offer for joining, as well as advance notice about sales and upcoming promotions.


In-Browser Coupon Hunter takes all the work out of hunting for promotional codes and coupons on various websites that may or may not infect your computer with spyware and malware. Go straight to, download and enable the browser plug-in, and let JoinSavvy find the coupon deals for you. It will automatically suggest coupon codes that apply to what is in your cart.

On top of finding the best coupon for your cart, JoinSavvy often offers cash back. This browser plug-in is valid at over 40,000 retailers and is Google Chrome approved. They also have prizes and giveaways, which makes everything more fun.


“Counter” Bargains and Imperfections

A virtual counter shows up every Saturday. This has off-season and otherwise-discounted items. As more days go by, the discounts increase. This is a great way for extra savings if you are prepared to buy ahead. also has a high standard for its products. If there is anything that makes a product imperfect, that product goes in a special category called “Not Quite Perfect” that automatically lowers the prices on these items.


Take Advantage of the Return Policy has an extremely generous return policy. If anything breaks, rips, or tears for any reason, at any time, you can return this item, without a receipt. By remembering this policy, you can get your money back or get an item replaced even years down the road. They have excellent customer service. offers many ways to save on their website. These techniques will help you to maximize your dollar at a time when we are all trying to make clothing fit into an ever-more-tightening budget. This is a smart retailer to shop at, and they make your time worth the expending.