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SHEIN is an international, China-based company focused on selling women's apparel at an affordable price. While the online store also sells men's clothing, accessories, and other fashion items, it is most famous for its jaw-dropping cheap prices, to the point where countless bloggers and YouTubers have published exposés on whether or not SHEIN is a legit company. 

Regardless if you believe SHEIN itself is legitimate, we don't blame you for wanting to cash in on those sweet fashion deals. In this guide, we go over the best ways to shop SHEIN and get the bang for your buck in eight easy steps.


1. Check for Photo Reviews

The general rule of thumb when shopping online via clothing retailers is to always check the reviews. Reviews can help key in potential buyers to a variety of things such as whether or not a clothing item actually fits to size, whether or not the clothing item comes in a darker or lighter shade than depicted, and whether or not the material of the clothing item is made of decent fabric/material.

However, with SHEIN, you want to take it a step further: scope out for reviews with photos. Photo reviews can help adjust your expectations for items, and therefore leave you feeling a lot less disappointed if the item shows up on your doorstep different from the photos. We suggest thinking twice before purchasing an item with no photo reviews, unless it's an emergency or you're willing to forfeit those ten bucks on a seemingly cute skirt.


2. Always Check Sizing

SHEIN is considered unpredictable when it comes to sizing, but what are the chances that buyers didn't check? Not all clothes are made out of the same cut on SHEIN. Because of this, it's important to check a clothing item's sizing chart before finalizing your purchase. To streamline the process, we suggest having measurements of your shoulders, sleeve, bust, waist, and hips figured out before shopping on SHEIN. That way when you check the sizing chart of a specific clothing item, you can click on the size that's right for you.

If you are worried that the item you will buy won't match what's listed in the sizing chart, we always suggest sizing up. There's not much you can do with a top or a skirt that's too tight for you, but if an item turns out to be on the larger size, you can always take it to the tailor for adjustment.


3. Always Check the Fabric

Frequent shoppers on SHEIN know that it's fast and cheap fashion—the clothing items sold aren't meant to be generational heirlooms nor last for everyday wear-and-tear. However, that doesn't mean you can't make the best out of your purchase.

When shopping in general, you want to check the fabric of the clothing item you're interested in. Also, think about what you want to use the clothing item for. That cute shirt in polyester might have a great design, but is it really suitable for summer wear versus a more breathable cotton top? The fabric also helps with rough estimates as to how long a piece of clothing will last as well as what you need to do to keep the clothing item clean.


4. Check Out ALL the Colors

While when browsing most online retailers this isn't the first thing to come in mind, checking out all the colors of a clothing item you might buy could save you time and money. Typically, darker colors make clothes look better—they hide wrinkles and manufacturing defects better. By seeing the same clothing item in a lighter color, you may be able to tell whether or not the clothing item is of a lower quality than actually stated in the description.

Another reason to check out all the colors for a piece of clothing in your shopping cart is that SHEIN organizes reviews by the color of the item. That means you won't be able to see all the reviews for the item in one space; you have to check the other colors of the clothing item if you want more photos/info. For those who couldn't find reviews or photos of a particular clothing item, this is a useful practice to get a better idea if that clothing item is worth it or not.


5. Get Shipping Insurance

As SHEIN has opened up a new distribution center in the US, the chances of your parcel getting lost via overseas transit are rarer. However, we still suggest getting shipping insurance, which costs $2.99. Why?

Because with shipping insurance comes free returns. If you're the type of shopper who prefers to buy ten pieces of clothing in one sitting, the option of getting a free return is something to be considered just in case your order doesn't come out as expected.


6. Stay Clear of Classics, Go for the Trendy Items

Is there a skirt with a vibrant pattern you've been eyeing that you can't find anywhere else but on SHEIN? Have you ever wondered if you would look great in peplum, but don't want to drop all that cash at the department store for a piece of clothing you may never take out of your closet after the first wear?

Classic clothing items such as denim jeans or a black turtleneck should be made to last for years; SHEIN doesn't necessarily promise that. In general, when shopping in fast fashion, the most important thing is not necessarily how you shop but what you do with what you shop. SHEIN is the perfect website to try out clothes you would have never dreamed of trying, or seeing if whether or not mint green is a good color for you. But in terms of clothing, you can wear every day or every week, we suggest staying clear and shopping from a different brand to get the quality you deserve.


7. Give Shipping Time

Depending on the blogger or YouTuber you follow, items shipped out from SHEIN can take a week to even a few months to arrive at your doorstep. Because of this, we suggest planning ahead of time when ordering items off of SHEIN, especially if you need a specific clothing item for a special event. If you're experiencing a fashion emergency, we also suggest looking into other alternatives in the meantime so you're not left rushing looking for a specific skirt or accessory at the last minute.


8. Make an Account

Creating an account out of the dozens you already own on other shopping websites seems redundant and painful, but SHEIN gives some pretty sweet discounts if you rack up enough points. Furthermore, having an account allows you to check all your past purchases and returns, in case you ever need to reference anything for sizing.


Online shopping has brought tons of conveniences to the tips of her fingers. Through online shopping, we can browse, explore, and purchase clothes without having to leave the couch or rushing to the store before it closes. Though SHEIN as an online shopping website has unbelievable prices and has a reputation of being dubious at times, as long as you know how to shop, you can always snag a steal.