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If you own a pet, then you know that pets aren't cheap. The because the majority of people in the United States actually have two or more pets at home, you may want to consider shopping at Petco as opposed to, say, Walmart, and save money using these helpful tips.


Price Matching

Not only does Petco match competitors prices, but they also match prices from Amazon and also any store within a 20 mile radius! This means that don't just take pet store prices into consideration, they match prices with stores such as Walmart, Target, and Giant. So do your research and save some money!


Rewards Card

Petco’s reward program is one of the better reward programs out there. It's free to sign up, and you save tons of money. Here are a few perks of joining Petco’s rewards program:

  • For every 10 bags of food you buy, get one bag free. This may sound like a lot of bags, but think about how much food your pet actually eats!
  • You get a certain number of points for every purchase you make and after you hit a certain amount of points, you'll receive a 15% discount on your next entire purchase. So shop big!
  • Free pet grooming for every 8 grooms
  • You receive 5% cash back on every purchase you make
  • For every $100 you spend, Petco gives you a free $5 gift card which, is helpful, because pets can be expensive!


Save your receipt

At the bottom of each receipt, there is a survey you can take that will give you $2 off your next purchase. If you happen to be a frequent Petco shopper, you can combine these offers for more money off your entire purchase.


Birthday Club

Register for Petco’s birthday club program! In addition to a birthday gift just your pet, Petco will send you exclusive birthday discounts throughout the month!


Holiday Calendar

Petco offers a calendar every holiday season. This calendar has a total of $50 in exclusive discounts and savings that you will only find inside of that $4 calendar. That's a pretty great trade-off!



Many people aren't aware of this, but Petco offers free shipping on any online purchase over $49. You still receive points for online purchases that will be applied to your rewards card.


Stores like Petco often go overlooked as places like Walmart are known to have the lowest prices. But with these tips, and the fact that Petco will even match competitors prices, you will save a lot more money than you would simply shopping at a warehouse type store.