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CVS currently has the largest network of pharmacies in the US with over 9,500 stores nationwide! And you can get a lot more these days than just prescriptions at the pharmacy. CVS offers everything from groceries, makeup, household goods, greeting cards, and even electronics and small appliances! The convenience of multiple locations and wide selections of goods make CVS a go to for many American’s shopping needs. But it’s not just the convenience that makes CVS stand out from the crowd, there are also many ways to save big at CVS, making shopping there super economical as well. I’ve put together a list of my favorite ways to find big savings at CVS. So next time you’re stopping in to check some items off your shopping list, be sure to check with this guide first in order to get the most out of your purchases!


1. Join the ExtraCare Rewards Program

First and foremost, be sure to sign up for the ExtraCare card. Many stores offer frequent shopper rewards programs, but the ExtraCare card has some of the best perks! You receive 2% back on every purchase if the form on Extra Care Bucks (some restrictions apply, such as alcohol). There are also different items every week that earn you even more Extra Care Buck bonuses. Your rewards are printed at the bottom of your receipt and can be redeemed in store or online. 
In addition to the regular ExtraCare card, you can sign up for some additional perks:

ExtraCare Pharmacy and Health Rewards: Sign up for the ExtraCare pharmacy and health rewards program to get 5 Extra Care Bucks for every 10 prescriptions you fill!

ExtraCare Beauty Club: If you frequently buy your cosmetics and beauty supplies at CVS don’t forget to sign up for the ExtraCare beauty club. You’ll get 5 Extra Care Bucks for every $50 you spend on beauty products, plus a $3 bonus on your birthday every year!

Also, be sure to register your ExtraCare card online at CVS.com in order to get even more special offers and coupons delivered right to your e-mail address. You can get coupons such as 20% off your entire purchase or $5 off purchases of $15 or more!


2. Scan your card at a Red Kiosk

All CVS stores have red scanner machines located throughout the stores. Before filling your basket, be sure to locate a red kiosk and scan your ExtraCare card. The machine will automatically print out a bunch of coupons tailored just for you, based on your past shopping habits. These coupons can give you discounts on particular products or set cash amounts off entire categories! Sometimes you’ll even get a freebie or two!


3. Download the mobile app

Be sure to download the CVS mobile app for extra savings. Text “app” to CVS-APP (287-277) to get the free mobile app from the iTunes or Google Play store. You can use the app to save and scan your ExtraCare card at checkout, access the myWeekly ad to see what’s on special currently, and gain access to app only deals! You’ll also get some bonus Extra Care Bucks for linking your app to your rewards card for the first time!


4. Follow CVS on Twitter

Follow @cvspharmacy on Twitter for exclusive deals and a heads up on the best specials coming out in the weekly ads! They also run contests every month to reward followers with prize packs and gift cards!


5. Transfer your prescriptions

CVS frequently runs specials for free gift cards for customers who transfer their prescriptions from other pharmacies. Check the weekly ad or ask your local pharmacist to find out what the current special is.


6. Become a CVS Advisor

If you like filling out surveys, you could gain even more Extra Care Bucks by signing up for the CVS Advisor Program. A few times a year they’ll send you surveys that earn you Extra Care Bucks.


7. Shop CVS brand items

CVS stocks many generic CVS brand items that are just as good as the name brand products but for a fraction of the price. Next time you’re shopping, ditch the pricey name brands and give the CVS products a try. Chances are you won’t notice any difference (but your bank account sure will!)


8. Stack those coupons

Check for manufacturer coupons for your favorite products and stack those with the CVS weekly ad coupons and your ExtraCare savings to achieve the real pro-saver status!


9. Shop online with recurring deliveries

You can save up to 20% at CVS.com by ordering online and scheduling regular automatic deliveries through the Ship & Save program. Qualifying orders also receive free shipping!


10. Get a raincheck for out of stock sale items

Were you super excited about a sale item only to find it was sold out at your local store? No worries! Just ask for a raincheck coupon! They never expire, so just use it the next time you want to buy that item.