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ยท 3 min read offers a wide variety of products, from clothing to bath and body, even accessories. Whether you need a new purse, a comfortable swimsuit, or some new shoes for your next night out, offers many products in the latest styles. Follow these smart steps to taking advantage of the best pricing possible while expanding your wardrobe with these great deals.


Website Coupons

At the bottom of the website is a small button that says “Today’s Offers”. Since the key word there is “today”, it may be a good idea to come back to the website daily to see the new offers. Any coupons that Belk is promoting will be listed there, along with an easy “add to bag” button to help you take advantage of the promo code.


Sign Up for the Email List

When you first open the website, a landing page encourages you to sign up for their email newsletter. While you may be tempted to just hit that “X” button and move on, consider signing up. If you end up regretting it, you can always hit the “unsubscribe” button later. When you sign up for the email newsletter, you receive a coupon for $10 off of a $20 purchase.


Belk Credit Card

Belk has a store credit card. In fact, it has three of them. Each card is worth between 3 and 5 percent cash back. Every 1,000 points equals $10 of Belk Rewards Dollars. While credit cards can be a risky business, it is a smart idea for the disciplined. You can open the card, put your purchases on it, immediately (and the key word here is immediately) pay the card off with your budgeted clothing money, and reap the rewards.


Shop the Clearance has a clearance section. When combining clearance and coupons, you can get a lot of bang for your buck! Sometimes, the clearance section will have an on-site coupon that gives you an extra 10 percent off.


In-Browser Coupon Hunter takes all the work out of hunting for promotional codes and coupons on various websites that may or may not infect your computer with spyware and malware. Go straight to, download and enable the browser plug-in, and let JoinSavvy find the coupon deals for you. It will automatically suggest coupon codes that apply to what is in your cart.

On top of finding the best coupon for your cart, JoinSavvy often offers cash back. This browser plug-in is valid at over 40,000 retailers and is Google Chrome approved. They also have prizes and giveaways, which makes everything more fun!

By following the above methods, it will be easy to maximize your savings at With all the discounts and rewards to be found, you can improve your wardrobe for cheap and continue to earn discounts on future purchases. You have to shop for clothes anyway, so why not make the most of the experience? Rewards can help you in the future or be used to earn yourself something a little extra, like a new purse or some stylish new shoes. Either way, employing these methods will put a little extra in your pocket.