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Abercombie & Fitch carries the latest in young, trendy fashion for school-age children and adults. They have both men’s and women’s fashion. This popular brand can get expensive, which is why it is important to understand the different ways you can save at their online store.

Email Club

Abercrombie & Fitch has an email newsletter, and they will give you an incentive for joining. For signing up as a first-time subscriber, you receive $20 off your next online purchase.


Shop the Sale Racks

There is a “sale” button on the bar at Abercrombie.com. Here, you can find current and slightly older styles. There may be out-of-season pieces or a few items that need to leave so that new inventory can come in. The sale section has a lot of great finds!


Purchase and Pickup

The Purchase and Pickup option is offered by Abercrombie as a “site-to-store” deal. Instead of paying shipping on your order, you can opt to have it shipped to your local store. This can easily save you around $10 by swinging in at the store on your way home, instead, and you still did not have to deal with crowds. You can walk right to the register and grab your items.


A&F Club

Abercrombie has an Abercrombie and Fitch Club (A&F Club) for rewards. For joining, you receive $20 off a purchase that is $50 or more. You will also receive special offers that are only for members, which includes a treat on your birthday. Points are earned that can be redeemed for free merchandise later. For every $1 spent, you earn 10 points. After 2500 points, you earn $10. There is also access to sales and special events. A&F Club members receive an express checkout option by saving payment information and are able to access their order history to look at past purchases.


VIP Status

The A&F Club has a VIP level. Once you reach a certain amount of yearly activity, you earn this status with its extra benefits. You begin to earn 15 points for every dollar spent, and you receive extra exclusive offers. There are also VIP-only events.


Download the App

There is a phone app for the A&F Club. Downloading this app will kickstart your point collection by netting you 100 points.


Grab the Credit Card

If you like to use credit card offers to take advantage of extra rewards, you will want this card. Not only will you receive special offers, but your first purchase is 25% off. There is also a birthday offer, and you can manage your card online. If you are smart about paying your card off right away, this is a great opportunity to save money on your favorite styles.


Holiday Sales

As with most clothing stores, it is a great opportunity to save up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Abercrombie.com often offers amazing discounts during these two major sales holidays. The store realizes that parents and grandparents will be purchasing items for kids and grandkids to wear throughout the school year and possibly the coming summer. There are often deeply discounted items, free shipping, and other wonderful promotions to take advantage of.


Use a Promotion Finder

Sometimes, it is hard to find a current coupon or promotion. That is where browser plug-ins come in handy. If you go to JoinSavvy.com, they have a browser plug-in that will find the best coupon or promotion for you automatically. This saves you the time of hunting it down yourself by browsing various websites looking for a current working code. On top of this, JoinSavvy.com often runs contests and incentives to make your shopping experience even more enjoyable. It is worth checking out!

Saving money at Abercrombie.com helps you keep yourself or your kids looking fashionable while not destroying your budget. Everyone will be amazed at your style and your savviness. Use these tips to maximize savings.