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One of the most well-known jewelry chains in the US is Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, or Jared Jewelers for short, which operates 253 locations in 39 states. They conduct business under the parent company, Signet Jewelers, which also happens to be the biggest diamond jewelry supplier in the world. Does this imply that you don't need to explore elsewhere for your diamond needs?

Below, our Jared Jewelers Review goes into further detail on this.

  • 30 day returns with tracking for secure shipment
  • Diamond & Gemstone Lifetime Warranty
  • Long-Term Service Plan
  • Safe online shopping and simple checkout
  • Customizable 'Design-A-Ring' service
  • Trade-In Policy


Jared's History

As a part of Signet Jewelers, Jared Jewelers was founded in 2000 along with Kay Jewelers and Zales, two other niche diamond retailers. Jared is primarily a physical retail store, but in recent years, they have started to focus much more on their customer-facing e-commerce.

Jared Jewelers caters to wealthy customers, which is why their goods are expensive. The bulk of Jared Jewelers sites are independent, out-of-mall shops, and each one includes a repair facility on site.

They have a large selection of items, including jewelry like rings, necklaces, watches, and other accessories. However, some products will just have an IGI report, which is NOT a recognised grading laboratory report. The majority of their diamond products include a GIA or AGS report, the two most reputable gem labs. To assure quality, double-check all purchases before making them.


Is Jared's expensive?

When performing our review, the first item we evaluated is the pricing of the website's loose diamonds, especially in comparison to other jewelers. You can anticipate to pay more for each of Jared Jeweler's other products, such as their diamond rings, than if you were shopping anywhere else. With this premium, you can anticipate quality, but the majority of the price increase simply results from the fact that you will be paying for the brand name and enormous marketing budget.


Does Jared Jewelers have real diamonds?

The business is a recognized member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, an organization that sets international standards for dealing with diamonds, platinum, and gold metals. Additionally, they offer GIA-certified diamonds to clients, giving them the assurance that they are getting a high-quality good.

In addition to natural and lab-created diamonds, Jared also offers ready-made jewelry and customizable options. Diamond certificates that describe the quality of the stone, including its cut, carat weight, color, and clarity as well as treatments, finish, and proportions, are included with natural diamonds.

The website also offers custom-made engagement rings, each of which is accompanied by a unique certificate of authenticity. The gems come with 360-degree video and even the choice of a free, in-person diamond inspection.


Is Jared high quality jewelry?

Jared jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, all of which are built to last. Their diamonds, both natural and synthetic, are of excellent grade.

With their free lifetime warranty, Jared ensures that your jewelry will last a lifetime by replacing any diamonds or gemstones that are damaged from everyday usage. For more information on what constitutes regular wear, please see the terms and conditions, which (of course) apply. The products typically have a good price/quality ratio that balances value, durability, and craftsmanship.


Does Jared use real gold?

The jewelry at Jared's is available in a range of metals, including the conventional silver and gold as well as contemporary alternative metals.

  • Platinum jewelry - Consider platinum if you're looking for jewelry that won't tarnish or oxidize. The metal is notable for withstanding daily use while being more expensive and rarer than gold. Because of its longevity and toughness, some of Jared's platinum rings include elaborate engravings and embellishments.
  • Silver jewelry - Sterling silver, which is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper alloy, is used by Jared because pure silver is too soft. White gold and silver both have a similar tint, although silver is more prone to scratches and tarnishing. Given that silver is inappropriate for everyday wear, Jared typically reserves its use for daily wear jewelry and less priced items.
  • Gold jewelry - Since 24 karat or pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry, it is frequently alloyed with silver and copper to strengthen it. Jared provides a large selection of gold jewelry available in 10k, 14k, and 18k yellow, white, and rose gold. For more cheap solutions, they also provide gold electroplate, gold plating, and gold over silver options.
  • Rhodium plated jewelry - Rhodium plating is used on some of Jared's pieces of jewelry composed of white gold, silver, and alternative metals to increase the strength, brilliance, and luster of the white jewelry. The plating of jewelry with rhodium, a precious metal in the same family as platinum, will provide further defense against corrosion and scratches. Rhodium plating is frequently used on white gold jewelry, although it can also be applied to silver and other metals.
  • Alternative metals - Jared sells a number of substitute metals, including tungsten, tantalum, cobalt, titanium, stainless steel, and ceramic. These all have advantages and disadvantages and are particularly common in men's wedding bands. There is something for everyone because to the huge variety of options.
  • Diamonds - Natural and lab-created diamonds are available from Jared, either set in pre-made jewelry or as custom pieces. Diamond certifications, which are included with natural diamonds, provide details about the gem's quality, including the cut, carat weight, color, and clarity of the stone, as well as its finishing, finishing techniques, and proportions. The gems come with 360-degree video and even a free, in-person diamond inspection by a diamond specialist. If visiting the store is not an option, these choices make it easier to shop online at Jared's online store.


Designer collections and custom designs at Jared’s

Le Vian, Kirk Kara, Neil Lane, and Scott Diamond are just a few of the designer names that Jared Jewelers carries. These are all top-notch brands, but Jared's selection may be considered to be somewhat constrained, and there isn't a specific section for this instead, you must browse through their "Rings" section to make your choice.

Comparing this to other websites, it makes the purchasing process more challenging, particularly if you are unsure of which designer brands are respectable, well-known, and which are not. Separate parts, such to the Whiteflash "Designer Rings" area, would be better suitable to facilitate this procedure.

The Design-A-Ring option provided by Jared Jewelers is a convenient and helpful feature of their website. With thousands of loose diamonds and hundreds of ring settings available, you have complete control over finding the ring that is perfect for you.

We advocate this method when buying at Jared Jewelers, but be prepared to do some research ahead of time and spend some time browsing through the numerous possibilities that would be best for you.

The Design-A-Ring method will also imply that a lot of crucial variables will be entirely under your control, including the:

  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Carat


Are Jared and Kay Jewelers the same?

The largest specialty jewelry retailer in the US, UK, and Canada is Signet Jewelers Limited. About 3,600 of Signet's stores are branded as Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, H. Samuel, Ernest Jones, Peoples, and Banter.


Online store

The website has a pleasant feel to it, and Jared Jewelers has made significant recent upgrades to it. Although it might be argued that the homepage photos are way too large, making things a little tougher to absorb, it is clean and simple to browse.

They could improve on more clearly dividing their portions, as was previously suggested. The process needs to be as simple as possible when customers are paying a premium price for products, and some effort is left up to the customers here to sort things out for themselves. The fact that they are a physical and mortar business and that is where their expertise resides may reflect this.

The About Us page is so sparse that it's hardly nonexistent. An about us page goes a long way in helping a customer get a sense of a brand and grow trust in their products, even though they are, of course, online to sell items. An afterthought about us page can create the impression that the website was overthought as well. When you contrast this with the James Allen or Whiteflash About Us pages, you immediately gain greater confidence.

All of the product photographs are subpar and do not do the rings justice. However, they make up for it with their 360-degree imaging, which is comparable to James Allen's. It allows you to view everything from all sides and angles.


The Jared experience

As previously noted, our only issue with the shopping experience is that the products need to be more clearly broken up to enable people to make choices more quickly and easily. However, once a product has been chosen, the shopping process is fairly easy, especially because no account is needed to complete the transaction.


Does Jared clean jewelry for free?

Jared provides lifetime inspections and free cleanings.

You can visit any Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry location as often as you'd like for free professional cleaning and inspection of your colored gemstone or diamond jewelry.


What is Jared's return policy?

Jared offers up to 30 days of returns or exchanges at any of their physical stores if you are dissatisfied with your new purchase, similar to the return policies of the majority of jewelry retailers. You might wish to keep in mind that they only allow refunds online; exchanges are not an option. Their return policy is detailed here.

Additionally, they have a trade-in option where you may exchange your diamond or diamond jewelry for another item worth at least twice as much as the trade-in value.


What are Jared Vault Rewards?

When you sign up for Vault Rewards, you'll have immediate access to Program perks like free jewelry styling advice, expert cleaning and inspection, and exclusive deals from our loyalty partners.

Shoppers from Jared may sign up for free and begin collecting gems to gain quick access to exclusive deals, rewards, and much more! For every dollar spent, you will obtain one gem, and gems grant you access to special bonuses and higher status levels.


Overall, is Jared worth the price?

To wrap it up, Jared Jewelers is a trustworthy jeweler and supplier. Although similar products can be found elsewhere for far less money, their products have a big price tag without providing more in the way of quality.

The price difference is negligible if you're looking for little accessories, but it might be substantial for expensive products like engagement rings.


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