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I Lost My Dad And Fell Behind On My Taxes. Thanks to THIS I Was Able To Save Thousands Of Dollars!

My wife Sandra and I have always managed to pay our bills on time. But that was before my dad started having heart problems.

My dad was in his late 80s and I am a self employed Uber driver. In 2015 his heart conditions got so serious that he had to move in with us because he couldn’t care for himself.

We couldn’t afford to hire extra help so my wife and I took care of him and paid for all of his expenses.

That was tough on an Uber driver’s salary.


I split my income to care for my sick dad and as a result.. I fell behind on my taxes.

Unfortunately caring for my dad was expensive, to say the least. But I wouldn’t change a thing… my dad passed away three years later in 2018.

While my dad was still with us I split my income in half to cover all of our expenses.

And then on top of all that we had to cover the costs of his funeral.


My wife and I fell behind on our bills even more and owed over $24,000 in taxes.

I couldn’t see any other way to pay my taxes, so I turned to Americans for Tax Help.

I filled out a brief questionnaire to see if I was eligible for a tax assistance program.

It took less than two minutes to complete.

That same day, I spoke with a tax specialist who answered all of my questions for free.

For me, the best program was an offer in compromise, or OIC. And I was told they strive to get each of their clients an OIC.

I honestly don’t think I could have done it on my own.


The IRS can be hard to deal with because there are so many forms and not everyone can qualify.

To get the IRS to approve my OIC, my agent needed solid evidence that I couldn’t afford to pay so they took care of putting together all the information to build my case.

Just before they finished, I received a letter from the IRS stating they were going to put a levy on my assets.

Thank goodness my agent already protected me with a power of attorney.


The end result?

Our OIC was accepted for $500 and our liability was settled for 4% — we saved over 96%!

Americans for Tax Help can assist you if you owe money to the state or the IRS.

To take advantage of their tax assistance program, click the button below and complete the brief survey.

You will then be connected with a tax expert for a FREE consultation.

Don’t put up with the stress and worry of unpaid taxes any longer.




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