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I Almost Lost My Home Because Of The IRS… Until I Found This Solution. Here’s How It Helped.

When my husband and daughter got sick four years ago, I hit rock bottom. I couldn’t afford to pay my taxes because of my husband’s cancer bills, my daughter’s Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and an expensive mortgage.

My home was in foreclosure and the IRS was already garnishing my social security income.

I was able to get a CNC status which basically meant I was no longer collectible. My liens on the other hand were piling up.

My family was about to lose everything and there was nowhere for us to go.


This is embarrassing to admit but I owed over $18,000 in back taxes.

One day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across this post by Americans for Tax Help about some tax assistance program.

And everything changed.

I filled out a brief questionnaire to see if I was eligible.

That same day, I spoke with a tax specialist who answered all of my questions for free.

Americans for Tax Help gathered lots of information to make a solid case and submit an OIC, or offer in compromise and give that to the IRS.

The OIC essentially outlined my financial hardships and went over my finances and expenses.


The end result?

Americans for Tax Help negotiated for me and the IRS accepted the OIC to settle my taxes for just $500!

Only 2.7% of my total liability! Saving me 97.3%!

Now I can focus on my family’s health without the weight of the IRS on my shoulders.

If you owe money to the state or IRS, Americans for Tax Help can help you too.

To take advantage of their tax assistance program, click the button below and fill out the brief survey.

You'll then be connected with a tax specialist for a FREE consultation.

Don't live another day with the stress and worry of unpaid taxes.




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