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Since hardware stores require some research when it comes to saving money, we decided to save you some time and do the research for you! 

Check out these awesome tips that will save you money when you shop at Lowe’s. 


Price Matching

Lowe’s doesn’t just price match any in-store or online local competitor, they will actually beat a competitors price by 10%. Along with matching prices, they also accept competitors coupons and discounts. 

Something that Lowe’s offers that most hardware stores do not is matching a competitor’s shipping prices. This goes to show that Lowe’s doesn’t honor only product costs, but they take into consideration the expense of a product’s shipping and match that as well.


Here's When to Shop

You will find tons of savings throughout the year at Lowe’s, but each product category has a particular season where the mark down prices are at their highest. Here are the times of the year that you will save the most money:

  • March-September: Patio furniture, grills, garden supplies, and outdoor decor. 
  • May-August: Sinks and faucets, paint, lighting, cabinets, flooring, and windows. 
  • November-December: Storage, tools, and cleaning products. 

Don’t forget to check out their sidewalk sales. You have the potential to save up to 90% off of outdoor products during these sales. 


Damaged Products

Lowe’s grants you with a section in each department of damaged products. The secret here is that, a lot of times, the products that they consider to be “damaged” aren’t really broken or unusable at all; they’re simply not perfect. Here are some ways you can save money by shopping for damaged products: 

  • Broken bags of mulch, sand, soil, concrete, and gravel. All damaged bags are mended and secured with special taps which makes the product almost as good as new. The only difference is the discounted price! 


  • Scratched, scuffed, or dented appliances. Lowe’s takes off a lot of money for appliances that aren’t quite perfect, so the best way to save money on appliances is to look for products with these imperfections. The best thing about it is that the Lowe’s paint department sells special paint that is specifically meant to fix damaged appliances. It’ll look just as good as new! 


  • Mistinted paints. These paints are known as “Oops Paint” and are sold for just $5 a gallon, regardless of the original price. Furthermore, paint employees are able to change the color of these Oops Paints if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for. All in all, you can purchase $70 gallon of paint for just $5. That’s a $65 total savings! 


  • Scraps of wood. Sometimes customers need wood to be cut down to a certain size. This results in having extra pieces of wood that, because they would otherwise be thrown away, you could potentially get for free! 


Garden Club

If you’re into plants and gardening, then don’t hesitate to become a member of the Garden Club at Lowe’s.

The Garden Club is free to join, and it comes with lots of gardening perks, such as:

  • Exclusive promotions and member only offers 
  • Gardening tips and tricks 
  • Free planting advice from 8 of the best gardening bloggers from around the country 
  • Valuable online videos that spark your nature related creativity



Don’t miss out on the rebates that Lowe’s has to offer. For example, you can get $1500 cash back when you buy a stainless steel GE refrigerator. 

Keep updated on their current list of rebates HERE and get paid to shop! 


Discounted Gift Cards

Websites such as Gift Card Granny and CardPool allow you to purchase Lowe’s gift cards at a discounted price. For example, a $50 gift card would only cost you $45 to buy. 


Military Discount

Lowe’s values the importance of our military. If you are: 

  • In active duty
  • A reservist
  • A member of the National Guard
  • A veteran 
  • Disabled veteran

You will receive 10% your entire purchase every time you shop! After all, you earned it! 


Go to the Post Office

The United States post office offers special packets called “mover savings packets” that are given to people who change their address. 

But, they’re also available if you just simply ask! Inside these packets, you will find a 10% off coupon that you can use in store or online. That’s 10% off your Lowe’s purchase for free! 

So, keep these in mind the next time you shop at Lowe’s! And don’t forget, sign up for the MyLowes card and get free shipping online and in-store!