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A great method to save time and money is to order groceries online and pick them up at one of the many Walmart grocery pickup locations.

Why? It's always free to pick up your Walmart supermarket purchase. There are coupons for grocery pickup at Walmart, digital internet rebates, and even ways to get freebies and money back on your purchase.


Coupons for Walmart Grocery Pickup for new customers

There are a couple active Walmart coupons that will save new customers $10 off a $50 Walmart grocery pickup purchase.

Use one of the Walmart supermarket promo codes listed below, or receive a special coupon code when you join up for Walmart Grocery Delivery:

  • Use code WOWFRESH to save $10 on first $50 order
  • Use code SAVETIME to save $10 on first $50 order


Promo codes for Walmart Grocery Pickup for returning customers

When it comes to offering existing customers promotional codes, Walmart is stingy. Existing customers can only receive a Walmart discount code by referring friends to place their first order.

Send your friend your exclusive referral link so they may use it to receive $10 off their first purchase of $50 or more. After that, your account will receive a $10 credit.


For Walmart pickup orders, Checkout 51, Fetch Rewards, and now Ibotta, all offer rebates.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 accepts any retailer's itemized grocery pickup and e-receipts as evidence of purchase.

We learned that Checkout 51 is "for the time being" accepting all e-receipts for their rebates, despite their website's conflicting statements that they don't accept most e-receipts and that you can redeem Checkout 51 discounts with Walmart Grocery Pickup.


Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards accepts most e-receipts as evidence of purchase for their points-based rewards, which include prominent names including Dove, Huggies, Cottonelle, Tropicana, and Annie's. To be eligible for your rebate, connect your email account (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or AOL) to your Fetch account so they can view your itemized Walmart online grocery receipt. accepts both pickup receipts and e-receipts as proof of purchase for rebates. Clip the coupon on the app, buy a qualifying product, then pick the coupon and upload a screenshot or picture of the receipt to redeem the deal.



Ibotta now accepts Walmart grocery pickup transactions as eligible for Ibotta rebates! To receive rebates, connect your Walmart account on the Ibotta app. Even a collaboration has been arranged so that refunds will be applied to your Walmart account.



Makeena accepts itemized packing slips and electronic receipts as payment documentation at all times. You may purchase products at any retailer, including online grocers that provide you with itemized packing slips, unless otherwise indicated.



Shopkick users cannot earn "kicks" on Walmart grocery purchases. Shopkick rewards users with points for entering stores physically (using geolocation on your phone), swiping items, and uploading receipts.


Walmart's cash-back credit card offers 5% cash back on groceries.

Additionally, loyal Walmart customers can use their Walmart Capital One credit card to earn 5% cash back on all Walmart,, and Walmart pickup and delivery orders.

The 5% back has no upper limit on how much you can make. The Target REDcard debit card and the Amazon Chase credit card, both of which offer 5% rewards, and other top retailer cards are competitors of this card. All purchases made through grocery pickup, including non-groceries, are subject to the 5% discount.


Shoppers who use Walmart Grocery Pickup may receive a free swag bag.

Walmart has been surprising grocery pickup customers with free goodie bags on a monthly basis since the service's inception in 2018. Free samples, discounts, and even full-sized products are all over the bags.

Even though you can never be sure when you will receive a bag, it never hurts to ask the Walmart employee politely whether they have any on hand or when they anticipate next handing out of bags.


At midnight local time, Walmart provides new times for groceries pickup.

Walmart offers fresh pickup slots up to a week in advance between midnight and 7AM local time, so if you're having difficulties finding open slots, check then.


Walmart always charges the same pricing for in-store and online grocery shopping.

Even by a penny, Walmart's grocery costs consistently outperform those of other major retailers like Target and Amazon. The best feature of Walmart grocery pickup (and delivery, for that matter) is that the company's pricing are always competitive.

The costs associated with curbside pickup are the same as those associated with in-store pickup. This is significant since many shops continue to employ third-party delivery services like Instacart, which frequently raise their pricing for online customers.


What happens when I pick up groceries at Walmart?

The highlights of Walmart grocery pickup are as follows:

  • You can place an order through the Walmart Grocery app or website.
  • Orders must be at least $30, but pickup is always free.
  • Choose a pickup window of one hour.
  • Open the Walmart grocery app when you are headed there to check in.
  • As you approach a designated Walmart pickup parking place, use the app to notify Walmart of the parking space's number and color of your car.
  • While you remain in your car, a store employee will load products into your trunk.
  • The average wait time, in our experience, is between 5 and 10 minutes.
  • Orders can be placed up to a week in advance.
  • On the day of pickup, you can add goods to your already-placed order up until 1:45AM.


1. Download the Walmart grocery app.

The free Walmart grocery app, which is available for iPhone or Android, is the simplest way to arrange pickup or delivery from Walmart. Alternatively, you can order groceries online at

You cannot place a Walmart grocery order for pickup or delivery through the usual website.


Step 2: Pick a time slot.

Before adding products to your virtual cart, be sure to choose your Walmart pickup location and a time frame. Because each business has distinct inventory counts and available time slots, doing this ensures that you get the most accurate idea of what's in stock.


Step 3: Place your grocery order with Walmart.

Fresh vegetables, pantry essentials, health & beauty products, garden tools, office supplies, and a ton more are all eligible for pickup at Walmart. Additionally, a Nintendo, an Air Fryer, a pair of AirPods, or other board games like Sorry! could be included in your upcoming pickup order.

Remember that to be eligible for pickup, your order must total at least $30. Walmart always offers free curbside pickup.


Step 4: Add any extra items up to nearly 2AM on the day of pickup.

Okay, as we mentioned earlier, the best feature of Walmart grocery pickup is that their in-store prices are not increased for online orders. I lied when we said that was the best. The best is this:

Up until 1:45AM on the day of collection, Walmart lets you make changes to your order after you've already placed it, including the addition and removal of products. My average amount of modifications is probably around 14.

Even after midnight on the day of pickup, you can change the day and time of collection for your order. For further information about the precise deadline for making adjustments to your order, log into your account and choose "My Orders."


Step 5: Go over possible substitutions.

You can decide whether to allow substitutes or not at the checkout. We constantly advise you to let them in. Walmart will substitute a comparable item if an item you requested runs out of stock before your order can be filled.

You will be responsible for paying the price of the cheaper item if it is substituted for the original item. You will still be charged for the cost of the cheaper item if the replacement item is more expensive.

In most circumstances, Walmart will substitute a store brand product, like Great Value original syrup, if you're buying a name brand item, like Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup. Expecting a substitute to transform Jif Peanut Butter into Skippy is unrealistic. Count on the store brand.

Shoppers who order generic brands in the hopes of receiving "free upgrades" to name-brand products stand to gain the most from the substitution policy.

You can refuse replaced items until the Walmart worker asks you from your pickup slot. Both the rejected items' charges and their removal from your order will be made.


Top Ten Quick Facts About Walmart Grocery Pickup Couponing

1. Do Walmart's grocery pickup locations accept manufacturer coupons?

No. Manufacturer coupons are not currently accepted by Walmart for grocery pickup on paper or digitally.


2. Can I pay for my Walmart supermarket pickup order with a reduced gift card?

For supermarket pickup orders, Walmart does not accept gift cards as payment.


3. For food pickup, does Walmart match the prices of its rivals?

not right now. Which is excellent because the standard Walmart price match policy wouldn't make much sense in this situation.

The drawbacks of this strategy include the fact that you can only price match one item per day and that you cannot match in-store prices in addition to the fundamental requirements that the item match the precise size, model, and be available on the competitor's website.


4. What types of payment can I use to pick up groceries at Walmart?

All Walmart pickup locations accept EBT in addition to all major credit cards as payment. Gift cards from Walmart are not accepted. For Walmart supermarket pickup orders, cash and/or checks are not accepted because your payment has already been made online.


5. What happens if your Walmart grocery order isn't picked up?

Your items will be stored for you if your pickup window is between 10AM and 11AM and you don't arrive until the afternoon. Call Customer Care at 1-800-924-9206 to let Walmart know that you're going to be late. However, your order will be ready for you if you show up before the final pickup slot closes (8 PM in my location) on the day of your pickup.

Walmart will reshelve your order if you don't show up at all. Officially, you might incur a restocking fee, but in my opinion, this is done to guard the stores against potential scammers.

There is no proof that Walmart often imposes restocking fees. In the Walmart supermarket app, you can cancel or reschedule pickup if your order is not picked up.


6. Can I buy alcohol at Walmart grocery pickup?

You can purchase alcohol (beer, wine, or liquor) through grocery pickup in the majority of states. You will have to present a legitimate photo ID and sign a form attesting to your legal age of 21 or older. Walmart only accepts orders for up to 20 gallons of alcohol.

Your ability to buy alcohol will differ depending on where you live because Walmart must adhere to state-specific alcohol and liquor legislation. However, Walmart pickup hours are typically between 7AM and 8PM. The majority of alcohol-free hours are between 1AM and 6AM.


7. Should you tip the Walmart grocery pickup employee?

For grocery pickup, Walmart store employees do not accept tips.


8. What if the produce I order from Walmart grocery pickup is bad?

Produce is included in Walmart's satisfaction guarantee for all items purchased for grocery pickup. Call customer service at 1-800-924-9206 to report any problems with the produce and ask for a complete refund. You can also request a refund in person at a Walmart store by bringing your electronic receipt with you. Even Walmart claims that you don't need to bring the harmed produce with you to the store.


9. How can I get a Walmart grocery pickup itemized receipt?

With every order for grocery pickup from Walmart, a digital itemized receipt is sent to your email address automatically. Alternatively, you can search for your digital receipt in your account's "Recent Orders" section. Even your Walmart shopping pickup receipt can be printed.


10. What happens if I place an order and the price of an item changes?

A management letter states that customers will pay the lower price on the day of pickup if Walmart in-store pricing reduce between the time a grocery pickup order is placed and when it is picked up.


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