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Customers all around the country remark that Target is their "personal happy place," and we totally, unwaveringly agree that it is also our absolute favorite location to visit. Target is cheery, orderly, organized, reasonably priced, and provides everything you need to brighten your day all in one place.

Even so, there are still more ways to save money at the well-known business even when the pricing is competitive. Check out our expert advice to help you master the Target aisles.


1. Become a member of the Target Circle Loyalty Program.

One of the simplest things you'll ever do is sign up for the Target Circle program (formerly known as Target Cartwheel), and it's also free. Every qualifying Target purchase you make (in-store, online, or through the Target app) will earn you 1% cash back as a Circle member, and you'll also occasionally be eligible for further rewards through Target Circle Bonus chances.

Plus, you receive exclusive discounts, early access to sales, customized offers, and perks like votes for acceptable Nonprofit donations. You have seven days to add the receipt to your account if you don't use your Target Circle ID while making the purchase.

SAVVY SECRET: If you haven't earned or redeemed incentives for a year, your Target Circle earnings will expire.

Target Circle Earnings

Every time you use a non-RedCard to make a purchase as a Target Circle member, you will receive rewards equal to 1% of the qualified purchase amount. RedCard members who make purchases will save 5% instead of receiving the Target Circle's 1% earnings if they are Target Circle members.

Target Circle Bonus

A Target Circle Bonus may occasionally be given to Target Circle members. Depending on the specifics of your deal, it's an opportunity to earn additional Target Circle rewards by making qualifying purchases in-store or online. On your Dashboard at and the Target app, you can find your active Target Circle Bonus.

Target Birthday Coupon

Make sure to provide your birth date when you register for Target's Circle Program. This almost guarantees you a birthday present from Target, often a 5% discount on a future purchase during your birthday month. Your Target Circle Wallet contains your birthday gift. It is valid for 30 days from the date of receipt.


2. Apply for a Target RedCard

Your best friend is Target's RedCard, which has two uses. It is linked to your bank account since it is a debit card. You can make a cash withdrawal of up to $40 using this version. It functions, well, like a credit card when used as one.

However, if you apply for a credit card, it is "subject to approval," so you are free to choose which one you prefer. Whichever option you select, you'll get an additional 5% off your purchases, free delivery, and an additional 30 days to return any items. Additionally, there is no annual cost, and you will receive only offers.


3. Make use of Target's price-matching guarantee

On every in-person and online purchase, Target provides customers its Price Match Guarantee. If you discover an item for less at one of Target's chosen competitors, either at the moment of purchase or 14 days afterwards, you can request a price match. Simply present evidence of the lower price, and Target will reduce your purchase price.


4. Stack your coupons at the register

You can save on the same item four different ways by combining Target Circle incentives with Target store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and Target RedCard discounts.

Have the clerk ring up the products you're purchasing before you check out if you're using Target Circle discounts and coupons. Have them scan the manufacturer coupons next, then the Target store coupons. Then have your Target Circle member barcode scanned, and then pay with your Target RedCard to instantly receive 5% discount.

SAVVY SECRET: Target will offer you $.05 off each bag you use if you bring your own bag to the store. Even though it's not a huge sum, it increases your potential savings.


5. Review the Target Sales Ad

Weekly savings advertising from Target let you know what products will be on sale. With new product sales every Sunday, the sales typically last from Sunday through Saturday. Additionally, there can be particular seasonal deals for back-to-school or the holidays.


6. Buy during the Annual Target Sales

You can save the most money and earn the greatest cash back during specific seasons of the year. These significant occasions call for you to make a point of visiting Target:

Deal Days Sale

Target offers its Deal Days on the days that coincide with Amazon Prime Day to divert customers from the enormous online retailer. Check back when the event returns this year since Deal Days occurred in June and October of the previous year. Electronics, clothing, home décor, and other items are all up to 50% off.

Black Friday Sale

Target made public its intention to close on Thanksgiving Day each year indefinitely. However, this implies that many sales will start to appear far in advance of Thanksgiving. Experienced shoppers are aware that the Black Friday weekend is when they can discover the best prices on electronics, toys, clothing, and other items.

Plan to set aside time while carving that turkey so that you may shop Target's Black Friday deal, which may start early online. This year, put November 25 on your calendar and check out the Target Black Friday ad as soon as it becomes available.

Cyber Monday Sale

One of the last opportunities to get significant savings on holiday presents is on Cyber Monday. And Cyber Monday at Target rarely disappoints. Significant discounts on Christmas decorations, the Apple Watch Series 6 buy one, get one deal, and other great offers were available during last year's Cyber Monday sales. This November 28th, be sure to mark your calendar.


7. Shop over a tax-free weekend in your state

The majority of states provide a weekend where shopping is (nearly) entirely tax-free. Depending on your state, it occurs at various times, although many do so in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year. The no-tax weekend is the ideal time to buy tons of items without having to pay the additional 8% or so, as it contains apparel, bags, and school supplies for under $100. And it holds true both online and offline.

Find out when the tax-free weekend is in your state.


8. Save money with Target's Car Seat Trade-in Event

If you are a parent or plan to become one, you are aware of how quickly your child outgrows their clothes, shoes, and car seats. However, car seats have their own use-by dates. Target offers a car seat trade-in program along with a 20% discount to make sure your child is always as safe as possible when riding in a car. Simply bring in your used or expired car seat, and Target will offer you 20% off a new one.

The Target Car Seat Trade-In Event is held in the spring and the fall.

Tip: Target's Car Seat Trade-in is on! When you trade in your old car seat with Target Circle from 9/11 through 9/24, you'll receive a coupon good for 20% off a new seat, stroller, or certain baby items.

SAVVY SECRET: You may use your discount twice!


9. Purchase a Target Gift Card at a discount

Thanks to websites like CardCookie and CardBear, locating a discounted Target Gift Card isn't all that difficult. These merchants offer discounts of between 5% and 10%.


10. Receive a discount for finishing your Target gift registry.

The first place you should register for gifts is at Target if you're getting married or having a baby. Target offers a 15% completion discount on any item on your registry if you don't receive the one item (or numerous items) that are listed in your wedding or baby registry.


11. Shop the clearance sections at Target

You can discover unbelievable clearance prices outside of Target stores as well. Thousands of items throughout the store are frequently discounted by 50% or more in Target's online clearance department.

For the majority of things in stores, clearance merchandise can be found near the ends of the aisles, and for women's clothing, it is frequently near the very back wall, near the changing rooms.


12. Visit the Dollar Section at Target

As things in this department often start at just $1, the Target Dollar Spot, also known as Bullseye's Playground, is a terrific spot to browse. We've been warned it's an extremely risky area for your wallet.


13. Receive a discount for Target employees

Ask my son: "Target is a fun place to work, and they pay really well, too." Whether you're looking for a full- or part-time job or your adolescent wants to pay for their own necessities, Target is a great place to work. However, in addition to giving him work experience, Target also offers him a 10% discount.

Even if that is only an additional 5% over what I receive with my RedCard, the savings are still substantial. Before you ask, yes, employees may distribute their discount to their immediate family members who live in the same household. He's still in high school and lives with me, so I'll take this Target discount as another benefit of being a mother.


14. Receive a Target military discount

Target honors service people on Veteran's Day even though the business doesn't provide a military discount all year long. However, they occasionally provide discounts to members of the U.S. armed forces who are currently on active duty, veterans, and their families, generally around Veteran's Day in November. Watch for this year's military discounts if you're eligible.


15. Make use of in-store coupons and online promotional codes

Shoppers at Target can find a plethora of discounts on These can be percentage-off savings or discounts on particular products. These deals vary frequently, so it's crucial to return to find out about any new deals.


16. Ulta offers beauty deals at Target

Combine your two favorite programs, Ultamate Rewards and Target Circle. Ideally, you are already a member of Ulta Ultamate Rewards. If not, please explain why not. Like Target Circle, it's free to sign up, and you receive the same incredible advantages at Target as you would if you were shipping from Ulta. Additionally, they provided every event that Ulta hosts at Target throughout the year, including the 21 Days of Beauty in the spring and fall. Win-win situation.

Find out when Ulta will be hosting one of their magnificent events this year.


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