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DKNY isn't known for promoting ways to save money while shopping at their stores. Because of that, we gathered a list of lesser-known, money saving hints for every DKNY lover. 


Rewards program

The rewards program at DKNY is simple but effective. It's free to join, and they are dedicated to promoting exclusive discounts just for you. Here are a few of their rewards: 

    • For every $1 you spend, you receive 1 reward point. For example, if you spend $67 on your purchase, you get 67 points. 
    • For every 150 points you earn, you will receive $15 off your next purchase. This system makes it extremely easy to rack up those points! 
    • On your birthday, get 20% off of anything in the entire store. 
    • You will also receive exclusive discounts based off of your personal buying habits, and not just because you're a member of their program. That's pretty cool. 
    • Exclusive invitations to in-store events.



DKNY offers free shipping on any online purchase over $50. Their refund system is helpful as well, as they will refund you the amount you originally paid for a returned product even if the price goes down or on sale within 2 weeks of purchase.


AAA Discount

If you're like me and tend to run over a lot of potholes, then you probably have AAA to save you from your flat tire needs. So, if you happen use AAA, you will get a discount on DKNY merchandise simply for being a member and using their service!


Shop DKNY at Other Stores

DKNY products are sold in many other stores aside from their home DKNY store. If you like to shop at stores such as Macy’s, Ulta, or Kohl’s, any coupon or discount code given by DKNY can still be applied to your purchase. So, if you can't get to the actual DKNY store but you love their products, you can still save money with their coupons!


Become Part of the Team

If you really love DKNY, then become part of their team by becoming an employee! Not only do they offer a 401k plan and health benefits, employees receive 50% of all merchandise! 

The best way to save money when shopping at DKNY is to simply become a member of their rewards program; those points add up quickly! Furthermore, don't forget to check for online promo codes and discounts as they offer great seasonal coupons!