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It goes without saying that purchasing new appliances can be a pricey investment. If you have outdated equipment which has finally gone out of service, or if you’re just looking to upgrade to the latest models, it can be difficult to find the right deals and bargains. It can also be easy to be misled by advertisements that are simply too good to be true and end up costing you more money than you really planned for.

Here at, we can guide you on ways to get the best deals from the top appliance retailers. Since this is such a large purchase, it’s an excellent way to get a sizeable amount of Cash Back rewards through our app. It’s a wise idea to start your search through our internet app so that you can be alerted to the best deals across the web. There are also a few tips that we are ready to share, which will help you get the biggest reward for your time and efforts.


Competitive Pricing

The internet is the best tool for helping you to locate competitive pricing deals. With the entire world quite literally at hand, stores are no longer in competition with others that are based strictly in their local area. JoinSavvy alerts you to the lowest prices from all of the well-known appliance stores and can introduce you to a few brands that you may not have been aware of. In addition to giving you a list of store options to compare and contrast, we also provide you with coupons for the best appliance store websites.


Scratch & Dent Savings

Small cosmetic flaws on appliances can offer you additional savings. This type of damage is usually referred to as “scratch and dent” appliances. These scratches and dents can occur during the shipping and storage process and result in appliances that don’t have the immaculate presentation that is typically seen on the showroom floor. These markings, which are often minor, and may not even be visible once they are placed in your home, can mean huge savings for you. Enter “scratch and dent” into the search bar of the retailer’s site to locate these special deals. If you are more concerned with function over appearance, you may be able to locate scratch and dent savings of up to 30% or more on appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators.


Know the Best Time to Buy

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a major home appliance, you will want to determine the best time of year that will grant you the best deals. That time of year tends to be when the manufacturers are rolling out their latest models, which is September into October. Luckily, you are also able to find amazing deals around federal holidays, such as Labor Day, Memorial Day and even, President’s Day. Special promo codes tend to be in ample supply around holidays. If you combine these holiday sales with JoinSavvy coupon codes and Cash Back rates, you will be able to save more money than you might have thought possible on such a large purchase.


Read the Reviews

You’ve likely read a couple of reviews on a product before making the decision on whether or not you were going to purchase it. Reviews on reliable sites can provide you with invaluable information on the function and quality of a major purchase before you spend any money. While you’re shopping for your next home appliance, take some time to read through the reviews to learn more about what other customers enjoy and dislike about the products that you have your eyes on. If the product has a documented and well-known issue that has impacted a significant number of users, you can save yourself a great deal of time, energy and money by avoiding it.


Keep an Eye Out for Rebates

Don’t leave money on the table by missing out on rebates. It’s common for manufacturers to offer rebates for large purchases such as home appliances. Rebates encourage consumers to move ahead with the purchase because they know they stand to make a large chunk of money back. Rebates may apply to large single products or to smaller packaged items. Some retailers even allow you to search for appliances based on the rebate offer, which really simplifies the process for you. Considering the size of the purchase, these rebates may be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Rebates require that the purchase be made up-front; the rebate funds may not be distributed for several weeks or months so be prepared to pay the full amount for the appliance in advance.


Say No to Optional Features

Shopping online certainly makes it easier to decline additional features. One added bonus of being able to shop for appliances from the comfort of your own home is that you don’t have to contend with a persuasive sales rep trying to upsell you on features that you don’t really need. It helps to make a list of priorities that differentiate your needs vs. your wants. Have a specific budget in mind; that special number will help to keep you on target when flashy appliances threaten to tempt you into an impulse buy. Using our JoinSavvy app to find the right deals, you will be able to find appliances that provide all of your needs and even a few of your wants, to boot.



Always factor in the cost of shipping and delivery into your overall purchase price. Since it is such a large purchase, there are many retailers who are willing to offer savings on shipping. You may even be eligible for free shipping depending on the amount that you are spending. Holidays are a great time to search for savings on shipping costs, but some retailers offer these deals year-round.


By taking advantage of all of these Savvy features, you will be sure to find a wonderful bargain on a new appliance. You may even be able to remodel an entire room full of appliances with the savings you will obtain.