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Ever buy at Walmart Clearance only to discover that most of the items lack tags? Or are the tags they currently have outdated?

Walmart price scanners have been removed from the majority of locations, making it nearly impossible to price check to see what is actually on sale.

The solution to this issue is the Walmart scanner app, and if you understand how to use it as your own personal price check, you'll be able to quickly discover hidden pricing everywhere across the shop.

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You don't need a Walmart Plus subscription to scan prices using the Walmart app.

You already know how wonderful Sam's Club's Scan & Go tool is if you've used it while shopping there. The Walmart app contains the Walmart Scan & Go function. Unfortunately, you can only access this function if you subscribe to Walmart Plus for $98 year or $12.95 monthly.

But you don't actually need a Walmart Plus subscription if all you want to do is scan a product to see its pricing! Simply turn on location services and make sure your location is set to the store you are now in before connecting to the Walmart Wi-Fi. By doing this, you can get the clearance pricing without having to pay for Walmart Plus. I almost always use this tool to scan prices, so when one drops, it's a jackpot!


Search for Walmart clearance prices via the mobile app.

You might be able to find clearance prices on your phone even without a Walmart Plus subscription by utilizing the search function in the Walmart app.

There are two tabs visible when you open the Walmart app in-store. One each for "In This Store" and "" If you are unable to read barcodes or cannot recall the name of the popular discount item you saw on Instagram... In the search field, enter the name and switch to "In This Store." You will receive the pricing for the item in the store where you are shopping as a result. If you're unsure, you can always...


Find out if the store has a Walmart price checker that you can use. Then scan everything.

If you're fortunate enough to still have a Walmart price checker at your store, you might not need to worry about any of the above hacks. When I first entered the store, I inquired with the first employee I saw if the price scanner was still in use. It turned out to be in the baby section, though it might have been anywhere in the store. Hey, if that's the only Walmart price scanner around, there's no shame in scanning a cart full of sale goods next to the diapers.


Price checking is also possible at self-checkout.

Okay, because it's a bit of a hassle, this is the last option. You can always scan the item yourself at a self-checkout if you don't have your phone on you to see the pricing. only if there isn't a line. You might also be willing to wait if you really, really want something.

Have you discovered an alternative method to locate Walmart clearance prices? Share in the comments section below.


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