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Every Kohl's customer is familiar with the shopping trifecta:

โœ… Kohl's clearance
โœ… Kohl's Cash
โœ… Kohl's coupons

That's right — never shop at Kohl's without taking advantage of at least one of these three offers — or, even better, all three! That's when you'll really notice the savings at Kohl's.

Kohl's clearance racks are always stocked (look for the orange "clearance" signs in each department). But I don't go to Kohl's clearance every day. Instead, I go there once or twice a month. That's how frequently Kohl's sends me dollar-off and percentage-off coupons for being a Kohl's Rewards member.

I'll show you where to look for these rewards, when to expect them, and how to tell if a clearance markdown is actually a good deal. When all is said and done, you should save at least 65 - 75% when shopping Kohl's clearance. Every. Time. Is. Running. Out.

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1. Aim for at least a 65% discount on Kohl's clearance items. Seriously.

Kohl's clearance prices range from 50% to 80% off, but the majority of the items I found were 55% to 60% off. But it's definitely worth rummaging through the racks for that 75% or 80% off tag. You might just come across some gold.

SAVVY SECRET: If you're shopping online, sort your clearance selection by "Percent Off" to find the best deals.


2. Expect clearance markdowns at Kohl's to rise by 5% until an item is 90% off regular price.

Kohl's clearance markdowns are difficult to predict in terms of timing. When I asked a dozen different Kohl's employees from across the country when their store discounts clearance items, I received a dozen different answers.

But here's what I did discover: Kohl's clearance items that don't sell are marked down an additional 5% every couple of weeks, and they sell out fast. That's why an 80% off deal is so hard to come by, but it never hurts to look. The biggest markdown I've ever seen at Kohl's was 90% off, proving that it does exist!

The good news is that you don't have to rely solely on clearance prices...


3. Sign up for Kohl's Rewards and look in your Kohl's wallet for stackable coupons for clearance items.

Kohl's Rewards deserves a lot of credit for making it simple to earn Kohl's Cash. But there's another great perk that often goes unnoticed: every 2 - 4 weeks, Kohl's will send rewards members unique dollar-discount and percent-off coupons.

I'm talking about 15% off your purchase or $10 off items from a specific department (which changes frequently) — or both. Everything is sent directly to your Kohl's Wallet. It's simple to locate: just click your profile icon at the top of the website, and your wallet will be one of the first options you see.

SAVVY SECRET: Look for a special alert at the top of the Kohl's website that says, "Take an Extra 30%, 20%, or 15% off when you use a Kohl's Card." Check your wallet if you notice such a promotion is running. Kohl's most likely sent you some coupons.


4. Shop in-store and connect to Kohl's wifi to get free shipping on Kohl's clearance.

Earning free shipping by shopping in-store at Kohl's isn't a novel idea. For a long time, they've offered in-store kiosks as a way to shop online without having to pay the $8.95 standard shipping fee that Kohl's normally charges unless you spend more than $75.

When you shop through the Kohl's app from within a Kohl's store, you can now get free shipping.

I came across a pair of boots that looked great but didn't fit. I saw "free ship to home when in store" when I scanned it with my Kohl's app.

An employee told me that if I connected to the store's wifi and confirmed my location, I could then use the Kohl's app to place an order and have the boots shipped to my house — for free.


5. Combine coupons, promo codes, and Kohl's Cash to get the Kohl-y trifecta.

So this is the trifecta — the Kohl-y Trifecta — when you really start to see the value of shopping clearance at Kohl's.

Certain Kohl's coupons, promo codes, and Kohl's Cash can be stacked on already-discounted clearance items, according to Kohl's coupon policy.

That's how we saved 82% on this twin comforter set with sheets listed at 62% off (reg. $219.99) $87.99.

SAVVY SECRET: Save even more when you use promo code LETSGO20 for an additional 20% off.


6. Check out Kohl's Clearance for 55-70 percent off Under Armour and Nike.

There is no one brand that is frequently on clearance at Kohl's. Aside from high-end appliances such as KitchenAid mixers and video game consoles, I've seen Kohl's discount everything.

However, the first clearance prices I look for are on brands or products that are not eligible for Kohl's coupons, such as Nike and Under Armour. When these brands are on clearance, they typically range between 55 and 70% off regular price, outperforming competitors like Dick's Sporting Goods.


7. Look for the yellow sticker on the clearance price tags at Kohl's.

How do you know when something will be on sale? Look for a yellow sticker on the price tag indicating that the item has reached its lowest price of the season and will not be reduced further... unless it receives another clearance markdown.


8. Yes, Kohl's clearance items can be returned.

When you return an item to Kohl's, you will receive the exact amount you paid minus any applicable discounts from promo codes or coupons, regardless of whether you shopped clearance in store or online.

If you purchased the item with Kohl's Cash, it will be reinstated in your Rewards account (rather than handed back to you in the form of legal tender).


9. You cannot get a price adjustment on something you purchased on clearance.

If you buy something off the clearance racks and it's later marked down another 10%, don't expect a price adjustment.

While Kohl's honors full-price price adjustments for 14 days, clearance items are exempt from this policy.


10. Stack discounted Kohl's gift cards to save an additional 5% off clearance prices.

Another excellent way to maximize your Kohl's dollar is to purchase discounted gift cards online and use them to make your purchase.

Raise, for example, has saved us up to 5% off the face value of Kohl's gift cards.

Kohl's is unaware (or cares) that you purchased the gift card at a discount, so your savings are built in.

Do you have any advice for navigating the Kohl's clearance racks? Please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!


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