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How Disabled Veterans That Owe Back Taxes Are Saving Big


GREENVILLE, SC. — Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are ending 2022 on a high note thanks to Americans for Tax Help.

Phillip Thompson, a disabled Gulf War veteran, and his wife lost their home and much of their possessions in 2007. Their condition grew considerably worse when the recession began. They had no practical possibility of ever being able to pay off their mounting tax obligations.

When Phillip reached out to Americans for Tax Help, he had 8 years of back taxes to his name and was desperate to find a way out. They had nothing left after the IRS took their bank accounts and social security benefits.


Americans for Tax Help Resolution Strategy

When you owe the federal government unpaid taxes, the IRS has only 10 years to collect. The majority of taxes owed by the Thompson’s was due to be paid in 40 months.

This was bad news for the Thompson’s. The IRS started taking drastic measures against them in order to extort as much money as they could since they realized their window of opportunity to collect on their liability was closing.

The IRS took money from the Thompson’s bank accounts and social security benefits since they lacked any assets to file liens on, leaving them with nothing.

The situation was serious and we had to move quickly.

While developing their settlement plan, the Thompson’s were placed on a $100/month Installment Agreement to suspend any garnishments and levies.

It was challenging to communicate with the Thompson family. Their case manager, James, had to come up with inventive ways to keep them informed and make sure that paperwork was filed to the IRS on time because they didn't have immediate access to a computer or fax machine.

Despite the communication issues, James and his team were still able to build a case for a compromise offer that would have reduced the debt to $100.

The IRS countered after rejecting our offer. They promised to lower the loan to $31,505.37 because the majority of the Thompson’s debt was due to expire in a few years anyhow. Accept it or reject it.

Most tax help organizations would have accepted it, I suppose. Any decrease is a decrease, and many tax help organizations would be proud to boast that they have reduced a tax debt by 75%.

But Americans for Tax Help is not like typical tax help companies. The Thompson family deserved better and we knew we could do better.

So we turned down the IRS’s offer and got to work.

Sure, it was a risky move but the Thompson’s trusted James and our team when we told them we thought we could get a larger reduction.

And it worked!

After some back and forth, the IRS replied with a $12,602.14 settlement.


The End Result

On October 23, 2022 we received the notice that Phillip’s tax liability totaling $126,021.46 was settled for only $12,602.14 — a savings of 90%.


The Takeaway

Back taxes are a stressful, scary, and complicated process, but they don’t have to be. Check out Americans for Tax Help's free consultation to start making progress today!

Americans for Tax Help offers a 100% free consultation, no obligation. So that you can fully understand your situation before you pay any fees for resolution services.




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