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Jared is made with premium diamonds, precious stones, and metals, and is of the highest quality. Jared jewelry is made with superior craftsmanship and is long-lasting, which helps it retain its charm.

All Jared diamonds are certified, typically by the GIA, the industry's most reputable testing facility. This certification enables you to buy diamonds with greater confidence in their quality. Jared Jewelers is dedicated to providing conflict-free diamonds and takes great care in their diamond sourcing. As long as you adhere to their inspection requirement of every six months, they provide a lifetime guarantee on their jewelry. The majority of jewelry items are eligible for free returns within 30 days, adding to their 30-day guarantee.

Jared uses cutting-edge equipment to provide bespoke etched messages. You might even request that Jared Jewelers create a unique engagement ring or other jewelry for you.


Helzberg Diamonds has a reputable history. They run a trustworthy business, without a doubt. That doesn't necessarily imply that you should choose their gems. They have various diamond lines that use various certificates, as we will discuss below. Make sure you stay with an AGS certified diamond if you choose Helzberg (to the best of our knowledge, they don't have GIA certified diamonds).


Is Helzberg overpriced?

Helzberg has all the characteristics of a mall retailer. Interior is bright and clinical, with no elegant ambiance (or any ambiance for that matter).

Helzberg's price doesn't receive a thumbs up either. The issue is that we've grown accustomed to expecting much more from the jewelry industry, where you can find good quality items for reasonable prices. Instead, the customer is not receiving a fair price from Helzberg. The jewelry as a whole as well as the gems are pricey. In fact, this is arguably our most serious issue about Helzberg.

We must balance quality vs. price when evaluating pricing and value. As buyers, we are aware that when a product is given at a low price, we will have to give up quality. However, we don't anticipate inferior quality for a premium price in today's world. This shouldn't happen with jewelry.

To start, you must search intently for the best items. In any case, we advise you to stay away from "cheap" diamonds, but definitely those from Helzberg.

They didn't offer anything particularly wonderful and they used inferior credentials to give the impression that you were getting something better.

Personally, we wouldn't suggest any of their diamonds because there is no reason to pay an outrageous premium for a bad diamond. It was fairly obvious that Helzberg was only keeping certain diamonds on hand to compete with the other mall retailers and that there was absolutely no value in the products.

Another factor to consider when comparing prices is their unique selling point, which we're having difficulty finding in Helzberg. In many aspects, it might be best to compare the products more closely to a typical mall jeweler, and it might not be reasonable to anticipate anything different. We do, however, expect better for the price tag, particularly not being limited to only two mounted pairs. For those prices, we would like to be able to experiment with designs and have an artist add some originality to a design made especially for you.

We want to see more alternatives considering the pricing. Also, we want to see higher quality service and move away from the mall-style approach.


Are Helzberg Diamonds Conflict Free?

Helzberg promotes ethical metal mining, engages in it, and only trades in conflict-free diamonds. No matter who designed it, Helzberg or a third party, you can be sure they are conflict-free.

Now as far as we know, Helzberg does not certify its diamonds with the GIA. They do, however, have AGS certification on some of their branded diamonds. Although we will discuss the matter of their worth later, it is not a problem that they are AGS certified. We won't think twice about advising AGS certification (you can read more here).


The bottom line, is Jared or Helzberg better?

Rings from Helzberg's Masterpiece collection are excellent options if you're buying with a hidden agenda (for example, if you own Berkshire Hathaway stock or have store credit). But the costs are astronomically high.

We felt that there was nothing (positively) outstanding about the shopping experience with Helzberg, from the sterile décor to the shoddy salesmanship. We would prefer to buy somewhere else and save 30–40% while having more selections and a better overall experience.

Overall, we had a much better buying experience at a Jared jewelry store.