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The Game-of-Throners have been officially muted because summer is here, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Summertime brings with it the need for a more refined and cooling closet. Your school clothes can’t be the same as your concert clothes, and your concert clothes can’t be the same as your work clothes, and your work clothes definitely cannot be your lazy-chill-time-summer-clothes either. With so many summertime needs it’s easy to blow a hole in your wallet, but if you shop smart it’s possible to keep your wallet intact and happy. Take advantage of these budget-friendly shopping hacks and enjoy your summer … until winter comes.


1. Newsletters and flash sales

Many retailers, especially online ones, offer flash sales and periodic discounts on major brands throughout the year during specific times. The best way to keep an eye out for these goodies is to sign up to their newsletters. When that golden day finally does come through, spend a few days prior scouting out your intended targets and find the best deals.


2. Holiday closeouts

The days following major holidays are mini goldmines. Stores need to clear out their stock to make room for the next season’s products so they have clearance and blowout sales. Take advantage and stock up for this season, but also plan for next season while the price is right.


3. Summer blowouts

Many big name retailers have semi-annual sales. A good way to save money in the long run is to plan for the long run. Stock up on your household products months or even a year in advance while the prices are low.


4. Search beyond the online retailers.

Keep an eye out on websites like facebook and craigslist for local garage sales and flea markets. Not all of your shopping needs to be done in big-name brand stores or online. You can find a lot of what you need locally made or second hand for good prices if you know where to look.


5. Timing timing timing.

The hottest day of the year probably isn’t the best time to go out and buy your summer clothes. Do your major shopping in the off-season times when prices are lower because the products are in lower demand. Buy next year’s summer clothes at the end of this summer when stores are gearing up for winter. Buy your winter clothes now while stores are stocked up for summer.