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Kay Jewelers carries a variety of bling for your ring…or watch…or bracelet…or, well, you get it! The jewelry from this company makes wonderful gifts for anyone. They have a wide variety of products from necklaces to charms. You can even personalize your jewelry. We all know jewelry can carry a big price tag, however. Here are a few tricks to saving at


Ship to Store

If you want to save yourself on shipping costs, it is free to ship an item to a Kay Jewelers store. You can place your order online and customize your piece without dealing with the potential hassle of an overexuberant salesperson, then send the order to a local store for pick up. Shipping costs can easily add an extra $10 to any order, so this is a great way to save without having any coupon codes.


Clearance has a clearance section, as well. You can browse older styles and premade jewelry at a drastic discount. This is a great section to check once a new collection has come out, as it will have pieces from collections they are wanting to clear out. Sometimes, there is a sale on top of the clearance section prices, resulting in extremely cheap pricing. Credit Card

There is a credit card option for Kay Jewelers. It offers a special financing offer on 12-month purchases for those who qualify. For more details, you have to go through the pre-qualification process and talk to a representative. Rewards offers reward dollars on purchases over a certain amount. This program resembles “Kohl’s Cash”, where there will be certain times throughout the year that it is offered. When you receive your reward dollars, they will need to be spent by a certain date. There are exclusions to how you can earn and use these reward dollars, so be sure to read the fine print.


Check the Coupons has rotating coupons and promotions on their site, also. These can be a great way to save a little extra on your jewelry. Sometimes the website mentions a promotion, but other times promotions can be a little difficult to find, or you may not know which one is the best to apply to your cart. That is where can become very helpful.


Use has thousands of coupons, promo codes, and deals for all your favorite stores, including Kay Jewelers. Always go to Savvy first, to check for the best coupon or promotion for the items in your cart. Also, runs their own promotions regularly, where you can win prizes or earn incentives!

By using these tips, you can knock down the price of your jewelry quite a bit. If there is a more expensive piece you have been eyeing, taking advantage of promotions and other discounts can help fit it into your budget. has a gorgeous selection of jewelry to accessorize any outfit or show your appreciation for your loved one.