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Target has begun a fascinating collaboration with Ulta Beauty at a select 100 shops across the nation, which may be one of the most eagerly awaited brand collaborations to date.

You can now purchase Ulta products in Target locations. The Target Ulta cooperation introduces a distinctive pop-up type shop inside certain locations, creating a unique shopping experience. We adore the cozy, inviting small hideaway in Target's beauty department.


What products are available through the Target and Ulta Beauty collaboration?

Due to the collaboration between two large stores, a typical trip to Target will now have a distinctive experience from both brands. It is common knowledge that Target frequently partners and collaborates; in fact, this is one of the key factors in why the adored mega-retailer has won so many customers' hearts (and dollars). Customers have grown to appreciate and trust the business since it consistently offers upmarket and ordinarily out-of-reach labels to the general public. No different is anticipated from the Ulta Beauty collaboration.

Customers might think of Ulta Beauty at Target as a "shop-in-shop," bringing its expertise in all things beauty to a place where it is convenient to shop, like Target. Customers will have access to Ulta Beauty brands as well as information and advice from staff members who have been trained to an Ulta Beauty standard of quality. Additionally, shoppers will have access to Ulta Beauty's GLAMlab, a clean and healthy virtual makeup try-on tool that enables users to test out items before buying.


What Brands Are Available at Ulta Beauty for Target?

One-stop shopping for all things beauty-related is what Ulta is renowned for. In contrast to conventional upmarket or elevated beauty retailers like Sephora, Ulta Beauty brings together designer brands and drugstore labels under one roof to provide customers with a wide range of items (and price ranges). Furthermore, Ulta clients have the choice to advance their beauty regimen with in-store salons (please note that the Target and Ulta collaboration will not include salon services). Customers of Target may anticipate the same level of knowledge and variety of brands offered by the shop-in-shop concept.

The following are some, but not all, of the brands that will be offered at Ulta Beauty for Target:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • IT Cosmetics
  • Drybar
  • Bumble and bumble
  • bareMinerals
  • TooFaced
  • Tula skincare
  • Smashbox
  • Sunday Riley
  • Tarte
  • St. Tropez
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • The Ordinary
  • Urban Decay
  • Jack Black

In-house Ulta beauty brand items will also be sold at Target in addition to premium beauty brands. There are numerous cosmetics, skincare, and haircare options available.


Can you use Ulta rewards at Target?

It goes without saying that we love a good deal, especially one that includes a great rewards program. The majority of Target and Ulta customers are aware of each reward program, but if you aren't, it's well worth signing up for each one.

Target Circle is a simple and fast way to save money and get cash back every time you spend at Target. In order to prevent you from being severely let down by having to pay full price for the products you actually went to Target to get, Target Circle offers a variety of special savings deals and gradually customizes savings offers to your shopping habits.

Customers at the beauty retailer Ulta Beauty can accrue points through the Ultamate Rewards program. Customers can redeem incentives and use them toward purchases or salon services as Ultamate Rewards points accumulate. For example, if you achieve 100 Ultamate Rewards points, you can save $3 off your purchase.

Good news! When Target customers purchase Ulta Beauty, they will accrue benefits for both (yes, both!) rewards programs.


When will Ulta Beauty at Target open near me?

Location openings began in August 2021. If there isn't an Ulta Collection at your neighborhood Target, you can check here for updates.


Will there be Ulta Beauty stores at all Targets?

A hundred Target stores will currently carry the retailer cooperation, most of which are in California, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, and Texas. You can find a complete list of participating stores here.


Can I use my Target gift card at Ulta?

In spite of their relationship in the cosmetics industry, Target and Ulta have not merged. Gift cards from Target cannot be used at Ulta locations to purchase products from Ulta.


Can I use my Ulta gift card at Target?

No. Although you can purchase Ulta at Target locations, the Ulta and Target alliance does not allow the usage of gift cards across different stores. Gift certificates from Ulta can only be used there.


How do I link my Target account to Ulta?

It's super simple! Visit the Target Circle Partners page after logging into your Target account to join your accounts. Have your phone number, email address, or member ID for Ultamate Rewards on hand.


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