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Many of us struggle with eating healthy and losing weight. With our busy lives it’s hard to find time to properly plan heathy meals. We often end up opting for fast food or take out because it’s convenient, while sacrificing our diet and weight loss goals in the process. Luckily, there are some great options out there to help fit healthy eating into your schedule. Programs like Nutrisystem take the cooking, planning, calorie counting, and guesswork out of the equation. Nutrisystem delivers meals custom designed to meet your specific health goals directly to you! All meals and snacks are portioned out to keep you from over eating and balanced with all the nutrition you need to feel great and lose weight! And while some plans are quite affordable, especially when you factor in how much time you’ll be saving on planning your meals and cooking, here are some tips and tricks to help you save even more.


1. Join the online community and mailing list

This is a super easy way to save a few bucks every now and then. Sign up on to receive free tips, weight loss info, and coupons delivered direct to your inbox. Plus you’ll get $25 off right away just for signing up!


2. Referral discount/refer others

Got a friend who’s already on the Nutrisystem program? Ask them for a referral code and get $30 off! Once you’ve joined, give your referral code to friends to save them money, and get $30 off for yourself for every friend you refer. Plus, with more friends taking part you up your chances of sticking to it and seeing successful results! Learn more here.


3. Check for deals on Groupon

Head on over to Groupon to check what current deals and coupons they have for Nutrisystem. The popular money saving website frequently hosts deals like 40% off or even $100 off! Deals change frequently, so be sure to check in often!


4. Put your Costco membership to use

Costco is already a great way to save on dozens of products, and if you’re a member you can save on Nutrisystem too! How? Costco sells $100 Nutrisystem gift cards for $79. That’s over $20 savings on every $100 you spend, which can add up quickly! Especially if you pair it with some of the other deals on this page.


5. Find out if your insurance offers a discount

Some health insurance companies offer discounts for signing up for Nutrisystem. To find out if your insurance company participates, you can call Nurisystem at 1-800-435-4074 and ask if your insurance company is on the list. We’ve known some people to receive up to 12% off per month.


6. Check into The Leaf every now and then

Be sure to frequently hop over to The Leaf, Nutrisystem’s site for inspiration, healthy recipes, weight loss tips, how-to videos and more. In addition to a large selection of resources to help you on your jouney, you’ll also find contests, giveaways, freebees, and coupons to help you save!


7.Download the NuMi app

Download the free NuMi food tracking app to both keep you on top of your new healthy lifestyle and save money! Studies have shown that tracking your food makes you twice as likely to see success! Nutrisystem’s NuMi app will not only help you track your progress, NuMi users also get access to exclusive offers and discounts!


8. Save time and money with auto-delivery

Setting up your Nutrisystem plan to auto-deliver can save you both money and time. After setting up auto-delivery, your meals will show up at your door every month, no need to log in or call to order. Auto-delivery plans also save 35% and come with free shipping! Learn more here.


9. Like Nutrisystem on Facebook

Finally, don’t forget about social media! Nutrisystem will periodically offer exclusive deals and coupons to those who follow them on social media. So be sure to head over to Facebook and click that “like” button! 

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you’re armed with these pro savings tips, there’s no excuse not to at least give the Nutrisystem meal plan a try. We think you’ll be surprised by how easy weight loss can be when you let the professionals help you take control of your nutrition.