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Social Media

Chasing Fireflies is a nostalgically fun children’s clothing store that makes the magic and innocence of being a carefree kid fly right back into your life! But just because they’re nostalgic, doesn’t mean they’re not up to date with social media. 

Twitter is where Chasing Fireflies exposes early promotions and special discounts, so make sure to follow them there.  

But, that’s not all! Chasing Fireflies also runs exotic contests and giveaways. All you have to do is follow them on Facebook for those exclusive free gifts! 


Sign Up

Sometimes saving money is as simple as having an e-mail address which, is pretty simple, because everybody has one of those. 

Sign up today with your e-mail and instantly receive a 15% off discount code the next time you shop!  


Creative Shopping

If you want to save money while shopping at Chasing Fireflies, it never hurts to be a little creative! 

Check out a savvy little website called Poshmark. Poshmark is a website that sells discounted brand clothing that is sold by smaller brands and organized by company. 

You will find the original price as well as the discount price and, well, you know the rest. 


Shop Clearance

Chasing Fireflies is known to have one of the best clearance sections in the online world. Their clearance prices range anywhere from 50%-90% off the original price. Not only that, but markdown prices are continuously discounted as the month goes on. Nobody drops their prices faster than that! 


Keep Items in Your Cart

Online stores hate seeing unpurchased items sitting in your shopping cart. More times than not, if you want a free discount, just let some items linger in your shopping cart and you will receive an email with either a free shipping promo code or a discount off of the total price of your shopping cart. 


Special Dates

Don’t be fooled into thinking that holidays like Cyber Monday are for large, chain department stores. Smaller shops take more advantage of these online holidays more than any big cooperation out there; after all, they are the competition. So, don’t overlook special online days such as Cyber Monday and December 18th which, lucky for you, is Free Shipping Day! 


Chasing Fireflies is the only online shop that is known to bring back the magic of your childhood. So, get shopping!