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Best Space Heaters 2023


Alpha Heater

The Alpha Heater is a high-performance convection heater. It's meant to quickly heat up any space in less than 2 minutes. We easily found this heater to have the best value & highest performance.


✅ #1 Top Choice

✅ Instant convection

✅ Most energy-efficient

✅ Digital thermostat

✅ Rapid targeted heating


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BLACK+DECKER Portable Space Heater

This Black & Decker indoor heater heats small areas quickly, weighs about three pounds, and has a carry handle for easy portability. Although the fan takes some time to work and is not very strong.


✅ Lightweight

✅ Easy to carry handle

✅ Overheat protection


❌ Not great for big spaces

❌ Fan takes a long time to work

❌ Dial thermostat


Lasko 754201 Ceramic Heater

This reliable portable heater operates rapidly and has a long lifespan. However, it lacks some safety measures and produces a narrower stream of hot air than versions that can heat a whole room.


Compact size

✅ Rapid heat

✅ Long lasting



❌ Dial thermostat was inaccurate

❌ Narrow stream of hot air

❌ Lacks safety measures

❌ Value is not as high as others in test


Vornado VH200

The Vornado delivers a temperature increase that builds steadily and evenly across the room. Although it was slow to heat a particularly cold space and there were airflow problems from the fan. It was the most expensive tested and the price didn’t match the value.


Steady and even heat

✅ Digital thermostat


Most expensive

❌ Airflow issues

❌ Slow to heat

❌ Higher price doesn’t match value


Comfort Zone CZ45E 750

This space heater is a decent choice for someone who wants a compact solution. However, the heating space coverage is not that great, especially for the price. You need to place your hand a few inches in front of it in order to feel any heat.


✅ Built-in overheat sensor

✅ Compact size

✅ Handle for easy carrying


❌ Dial thermostat was inaccurate

❌ Short lifespan

❌ Louder noise level than others

❌ Lack of value compared to top choice

With winter weather still in full swing and temperatures expected to drop, it is time to prepare for the bitter cold. We have relied on our central home heating systems to keep us warm over the winter. However, new cutting-edge portable heaters are now available thanks to technological breakthroughs that can instantly heat a specific area of your room at the touch of a button. Despite being a relatively new product category, portable heaters are currently available in a wide range of options. All of them have been thoroughly examined by our team of specialists, who have ranked them based on their overall performance, including quality, functions and features, usability, heating capacity, energy efficiency, discounts offered, performance, and value.


We put the best-selling space heaters to the test.

There are still a few months left of winter and given the predicted drop in temperature, a space heater is now a necessity, therefore we decided to test out the various best-selling models on the market.

Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your purchases rather than merely acting on impulse. According to our study, the expert's top choice will benefit you the most.


Why is Alpha Heater unique?

The innovative startup behind AlphaHeater is revolutionizing the $120 billion global heating market. They have been successful in giving you all the features found in pricey space heaters created by well-known companies, but at a much lower cost.

The Alpha Heater is more portable, more affordable, and more energy-efficient than a conventional space heater. It starts up with the easy push of a button and is ready to use right out of the box.

In comparison to other space heaters, the AlphaHeater offers quick and precise heating while using less energy. This is partly attributable to the ground-breaking convection ceramic heating technology that AlphaHeater has developed.

Also, the anti-microbial filter guards against the odors, dust, mildew, and bacteria that we typically associate with space heaters.

It can be put almost anywhere that has access to a standard outlet because it is lightweight, small, and sleek.


What is the price?

The majority of space heaters with respectable features cost more than $150. Alpha Heater was one of the least costly space heaters on the market at the time of the review, costing $138.45.

However, a tremendous amount of excitement has been created when Alpha Heater was featured in worldwide media. The business is so confident in their product as a result of this popularity and glowing reviews that they are now providing a one-time discount.

So, for about $49, you can purchase the best space heater available.