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Best Outdoor Bug Zappers 2023



Our #1 most popular choice as it works both indoors and outdoors, and killed 10x more mosquitos than the other zappers tested. It’s also ultra compact so you can take it anywhere!


✅ Expert’s top choice!

✅ Kills 10x more mosquitos

✅ Safe for pets & animals

✅ Easy to use & clean

✅ Plus, get 50% off right now!


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This high-voltage lantern is great for killing flies but it doesn’t target biting or stinging insects very well and requires tedious assembly.


✅ Easy to empty & clean

✅ Wide-area coverage

✅ Convenient hanging hook


❌ Assembly required

❌ Not great for killing mosquitos

❌ Expensive

❌ Loud zapping noise



Designed for outdoor use, the Flowtron insect killer uses a high-intensity UV light bulb to attract pests from as far as an acre away. However the product doesn’t meet its premium price.


✅ Large coverage area

✅ Attractant cartridge included

✅ High-intensity UV light


❌ Value doesn't match price

❌ Has a short cord

❌ Louder than other models

❌ Too bright



The bug zapper uses blue-violet light to attract mosquitos and other flying insects, which are electrocuted by high voltage grids but we found that it didn’t kill as many flying insects as the others tested.


✅ High voltage

✅ Blue-violet light


❌ Average bug killing ability

❌ No on/off switch


Black Flag

The Black Flag bug zapper uses 4500 volts of power with UV white light to zap flying insects, however it really only attracts insects at night.


✅ Easy to clean

✅ Great at night


❌ Doesn't work during the day

❌ Short power cord

❌ Doesn't kill insects instantly

Are you trying to find the best bug zappers online? Some of the most well-liked anti-mosquito devices on the market right now have been examined and tested by us. The following are the top picks by our researchers after considering pricing, product quality, usability, variety, effectiveness, and discounts.


We put the most popular bug zappers to the test.

When it comes to mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, and other flying insects, everyone is searching for the best answer, according to research conducted by our experts. Our objective is to arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision and combat mosquitoes this year. The choice that works best for you is the finest option.3


Why Is Buzz B-Gone So Special?

The business that created Buzz B-Gone discovered the greatest UV light technology for attracting bugs. We discovered that is really efficient at keeping bugs from getting close to you when you are outdoors.

Due to the integrated strap, you can hang it from a tree or yard hook in addition to setting it down on a table.

Its longest-lasting lithium battery and complete wirelessness, unlike ordinary bug lamps, eliminate the need for a long chord, which can be hazardous and a trip hazard.

There are no dangerous chemicals or refills, and it is totally safe.


Why Is Buzz B-Gone Our Favorite?

Buzz B-Gone outperformed the opposition in terms of coverage and overall effectiveness.

It required only a small twist to turn on, making it simple to use. The supplied USB cable can be plugged into any typical USB port and makes charging easy.

Testers liked how it was little but powerful enough to protect your backyard.

The design was sophisticated, and our experts felt that the white case would integrate into decor better than some of the more vibrant, "camping"-themed alternatives.


How much does it cost?

Since traditional bug zappers can cost up to $90 or more, the Buzz B-Gone should be rather expensive.

The Buzz B-Gone Bug Zapper was only $78.00 when we conducted our evaluation.

However, an unbelievable amount of, well, buzz has been created since the Buzz B-Gone Zapper was featured in significant worldwide media. The business is now providing a one-time, 50% discount because they are so confident in their product as a result of its popularity and favorable evaluations.

This means that the best bug zapper is available for just $39.99!