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Living in a digital world has made life a lot easier in many ways. One of the conveniences is food delivery. Previously, ordering food involved commuting to a restaurant or grocery store, or calling locations to place an order. However, it is usually not straightforward and easy. Dealing with traffic, impolite workers, or simply the lack of time to go get the food made a basic action, like ordering meals, a hassle. 

Food delivery services, specifically via mobile apps, mitigate these obstacles. You can browse through restaurants, read through menus, and customize orders from your couch. This eliminates the stress of having other customers wait on you and the frustration of waiting on others. Also, because food is brought to your location, you have greater options where distance is less of a factor and convenience is a priority. 

The following food delivery services are considered the best in the market based on reviews from customers. Because no product is perfect, they all have their pros and cons to consider.




When you first open the Doordash app, you are automatically presented with available restaurants near you. To make it easier to find foods that satisfy your cravings, Doordash includes filters such as cuisine, average restaurant ratings, dietary restrictions, and price range. In addition, wait times are included for each restaurant so you can estimate delivery times that work for you. Another useful feature of Doordash is the accurate real-time tracking of orders. The app takes into consideration factors like prep-time and weather so you can plan accordingly for the retrieval of your food. Another advantage of the app is the option to schedule deliveries so you can order food at your convenience and get the food when you want. 

The Doordash app includes a group ordering feature where friends with the app can add to an order. There are also special offers for group orders making it more affordable and convenient to purchase with friends. Speaking of affordability, the minimum order amounts required for Doordash are typically lower than other food delivery services meaning you can purchase as much or as little food as you want.


One downside of using Doordash is ordering during busy hours. Placing orders at peak times may result in greater fees compared to other services. Another disadvantage is that Doordash is not as extensive as competitors, like Grubhub. However, this may not be an issue depending on your location.


Uber Eats


One of the winning factors of Uber Eats is the cost. It is among the cheapest food delivery services with low delivery fees of around $2 to $5 compared to other competitors of up to $10. Another feature that sets Uber Eats apart is the fact that they deliver from restaurants that don't provide delivery services themselves. This means you can have your favorite foods from local, hidden spots delivered right to you. After placing an order, the mobile app provides real-time tracking of orders, estimated delivery times, and notifications of your food delivery. This keeps you updated on your purchase which comes in handy during busy schedules. 

Customers of Uber Eats have praised their prompt customer service as there is in-app support to resolve any order issues. Compared to Doordash, which does not have direct customer service, Uber Eats makes it easy to contact assistance for purchases.


Even compared to the reach of Doordash, Uber Eats services fewer cities throughout the US. However, they do feature comparative numbers of restaurants despite their smaller circle. A similar trend that Uber Eats follows when it comes to food delivery is the small numbers of coupons, deals, and specials offered. There are discounts for conditions like first-time users or for referring friends, but other than that, there are few impressive deals.




Having a wide range of restaurants offered plus many years of service makes Grubhub easily accessible across the US. One specific factor that sets Grubhub apart from other food deliveries is the ability to order foods up to four days in advance. This makes the service great for ordering for small events and planning out schedules early on. To make ordering food even easier in the long run, the mobile app saves your previous orders for fast and convenient experiences. Such features prove how Grubhub aims to simplify every step of the ordering process for customers.

When it comes to affordability, delivery fees for Grubhub are set by the restaurants. This means that how much you pay for delivery depends on where you order your food from which gives you some control over what you pay for. Many customers have also noted that this food delivery service generally offers more promotions. Deals are frequently updated and displayed within the app to save you from scouring the web. Another win for Grubhub are the rewards you can earn from ordering from certain restaurants.


Something to note about Grubhub is that the minimum order amounts vary by restaurant. You have to check this information individually to ensure your order will be successfully fulfilled. 

Another downside about Grubhub is that its mobile app is not as user friendly as other options like Doordash. Useful information, like your favorite restaurant spots or Grubhub partner restaurants, are not promptly presented upon first opening the app so you have to navigate more to find these details. Some customers have also complained about the app being cluttered. This may present some inconvenience, but it is not a huge setback when it comes to food delivery. 




The Postmates app is known to be easy to use. The mobile application takes you step-by-step throughout the ordering process so you know exactly what you are placing and what you are paying for. This makes the process transparent. The quick process emphasizes Postmates' strive for fast, easy, and convenient food delivery. 

A unique feature widely favored by Postmates customers is the Postmates Party. This is where you get free delivery by ordering from trending restaurants in the app making the service even more affordable. 

Another advantage of Postmates is that they offer deliveries on custom orders from any restaurant you like. This comes with an additional fee; however, the options are much wider for this reason. This feature is unique to Postmates which makes it a popular delivery option. Along the same lines, Postmates also provides delivery on groceries and alcohol. The vast services the app provides goes beyond food delivery making acquiring necessities a smoother experience.


When it comes to delivery fees with Postmates, surge pricing can increase the fees causing total costs to fluctuate throughout the day. Although taking peak hours into consideration will help you avoid much higher costs, customers have complained that Postmates includes greater delivery fees in general. Their delivery fees can range from $1 to $10.




A notable aspect of Seamless is their customer service. People have indicated that Seamless' customer service reflects customer needs through updates in their product. The service is frequently changing depending on the demands of users. For example, the food delivery service now accepts payments through credit card, cash, and PayPal after hearing tips from users. The various options for payment method is another advantage for Seamless. 

Compared to competitors, Seamless offers great deals like discounts of more than $10 off. They strive to make Seamless more affordable for customers is an advantage for users. Another benefit of using this service is the fact that they deliver for local restaurants as well as larger food chains making it easy to get foods you crave. 

Within the app, Seamless suggests to you popular options and allows you to search for specific dishes making it easy to find foods you want. You can also schedule food deliveries so that Seamless works according to your schedule.


There are a few inconveniences with Seamless. When it comes to minimum order amounts, the requirements can be as high as $20 which may not work for some people. Other issues users have complained about are the reviews Seamless provides on restaurants within the app. Although it is useful to be able to read comments about a place without using other apps or sites like Yelp, there have been accounts of fake reviews in Seamless. This occurrence defeats the purpose of no longer needing other products to determine whether you want to order from a restaurant or not. 




Goldbelly is a unique food delivery service in that they deliver foods from across the country. You are not limited to nearby restaurants which allows you to explore new foods popular in other cities. Because of Goldbelly's delivery of famous dishes, customers have found the service to be great for gifting special cuisines to friends. Also, because Goldbelly delivers foods from all over the US, the service is accompanied by higher prices. However, this is expected because of the distance. To balance the costs, Goldbelly does offer free shipping on some products. They also offer sales from time-to-time. 

When it comes to the product's website and app, customers find it quite easy to use. This is helpful when making larger purchases as you are aware of what you are purchasing and what you can expect from your experience. Another frequent comment about the service is their record of on-time shipping and delivery times. With a product that is shipping from miles away, this ensures you can trust the service.


Because deliveries come from locations around the country, a downside of Goldbelly is that orders can take up to five days to arrive. This should not be a huge issue as this type of service is not meant for ordering meals and expecting to consume them within the next hour. 

An issue that customers have commented about is the prevalence of fake ratings on the Goldbelly site or app. Similar to Seamless, including reviews and ratings for restaurants was intended to make ordering more convenient, but the false reviews can be deceiving. If you do choose to try out Goldbelly, it is recommended to do research on a restaurant before ordering to save yourself from a poor experience.

Pros is a unique service as it connects businesses to customers and allows them to deliver their own products. The businesses operating with not only include local restaurants, but also laundry, groceries, and catering. In addition, the ability to schedule your deliveries from these businesses allows to work around your schedule to make acquiring goods and running errands more effortless. does not offer a membership subscription program. However, they do use a points system for rewards. For every dollar that you spend on the product, you receive 20 points. These points can be used to redeem prizes like electronics or free food or to donate to charities. 

Another advantage of this delivery service is its efforts to make purchases more simple and convenient. includes electronic payment options of PayPal and Venmo giving you flexibility in how you pay.


Because allows businesses to deliver their own services to you, there are fewer restaurants and stores available. In addition, there are fewer locations participating in this service. Check beforehand if your location can receive deliveries through




One unique advantage of Caviar is its focus on local restaurants rather than fast-food chains that other competing delivery services partner with. Caviar presents a large variety of businesses making trying new foods easier and more worry-free. 

Another pro for Caviar is their variety of in-app deals for saving money. This service goes beyond offering first-time users exclusive discounts and free deliveries by offering specials like periods of discounts off orders.


Caviar is not as vast as other delivery services. It is only available in roughly 28 US cities and regions. Having fewer locations serviced around the country makes it a less favorable option for some customers.

Another difficulty in using Caviar, as indicated by users, is the difficulty in reaching customer service. In the event that an order was not carried out as expected, it may be difficult to make corrections to orders or to receive full refunds. However, the manner in which deliveries are carried out may be due to the operations of the businesses or delivery drivers themselves rather than Caviar.