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In the age of subscription services, anything can incur a monthly fee. Coffee, snacks, contacts, clothes, stationery, and even birth control can be sent to your house every month with the click of a button. But did you know there are subscription services for even treats and toys for your canine friend?

Like many subscription box services, BarkBox operates by sending a monthly package to your house for a fee. The package includes a variety of carefully selected treats and toys for your best friend. Given the convenience and the potential cost-saving aspects of subscription services, it's no surprise that many individuals love subscription boxes. But is BarkBox the right subscription service for you? In this review, we'll dig into the details about BarkBox, from what's included in the box to pricing, and go over the pros and cons of subscribing to BarkBox.


What's Included

All BarkBox boxes come with the following items:

  • Two toys
  • Two all-natural bags of treats
  • One chew

For owners of larger dog breeds that go through their toys quickly, BarkBox has a SuperChewer edition. The SuperChewer edition contains the following items:

  • Two sturdier toys
  • Two all-natural bags of treats
  • Two meaty chews

The SuperChewer edition is more expensive than the regular BarkBox subscription, but it is still touted as a money-saving option for dog owners. 

Every month the boxes have different items, and the items are chosen based on a theme. A sample of themes done so far by BarkBox include Scooby Doo, Jurassic Park, Knights of the Round Table, and New York City. You can access the full list of past themes here. [1]

It should be noted that if your dog has specific food allergies, BarkBox is more than happy to accommodate. Their snacks are already corn, wheat, and soy-free, which is a great boon as corn, wheat, and soy are the main offenders for dog allergies. Even if your dog has a more specific allergy, such as a turkey allergy, BarkBox is able to switch out the snacks to meet your furry companion's health needs.



1. Discover New Toys and Treats

Since BarkBox ships out something new every month, dog owners can discover new toys and treats for their canine best friend without having to take time to go to the store. On top of this, if there's a treat or toy your dog isn't satisfied with, you can return it for a refund.

2. Careful Sourcing

BarkBox strives to test all toys and treats before sending a monthly box out to ensure pet satisfaction. For buyers who like to know where their products are sourced from, BarkBox is very clear on their product sources. Though not every item in BarkBox is 100% American-made, many of the toys and treats come from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

3. Save Money

Often times, the total value of the dog toys and treats in a BarkBox package is more than what you pay monthly. For many pet owners, this potential cost-saving aspect is a great boon!

4. Platform Coverage

You don't have to only manage your BarkBox subscription online. BarkBox has options for subscription management, including an app on Android as well as iOS platforms, so you can adjust your subscription anytime, anywhere.



1. Automatic Subscription Renewal

One large con to BarkBox is its automatic subscription renewal. When canceling your subscription to BarkBox, you have to be careful to cancel your subscription as well as its renewal. Without being careful about cancellation, you may end up seeing a surprising bill on your credit card at the beginning of the month.

2. The More Isn't Always Better

If your dog is the type that doesn't chew through their toys often, or if you're strict on the treats, having a multi-month BarkBox subscription may be more costly in the long run.



For those who have pets that go through toys fast and want convenience, BarkBox is a great monthly option compared to occasionally visiting the store. No matter how busy the lives of pet owners can get, there's nothing stopping us from making sure our pets deserve the best.