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Summer Cleaning

If we were to dedicate a few days in the summer strictly for cleaning out desk drawers, garages, and old supplies, most of us would find that we already have at least half of what students need for school. So, before you go crazy with your list of school necessities, double check to see what you already have.


Student Discounts

Don’t forget the powerful tool that students have throughout the year. And that is, student discounts. Most stores offer at least 10% off of your purchase simply for being a student. Check out DealHack for all of the latest online and in-store retailers that offer student discounts. Or, download the PDF Version Here! is also a popular website that is always updated on the latest student discounts and retailers.



Everybody loves free stuff! When summer is coming to an end, retailers offer back to school savings and freebies. For example, Staples is offering 25% off school supplies when you purchase a backpack or school bag. Target, for example, will have offers such as a free backpack with any $50 or more purchase.

They say that nothing in life is really free but, I beg to differ. With websites like FreeCycle, you can swap products with your local community. It’s free to sign up, and all you have to do is type in a location browse for certain products that you’re looking for.

Websites such as FreeCycle make it possible to get rid of things you don’t use and trade them in for things that you need. You can also just pick up free stuff if you don’t have anything to trade. And again, it’s free!


September Savings

September is the month of magic when it comes to back to school savings, especially products like notebooks, pens, and binders. Because they need to get rid of certain products, retailers such as Walgreens and CVS drop their school supply prices so low in September that they even risk losing money by selling it.

In addition, check out this list of school products that are at their absolute lowest price during the month of September! So, hold off on those new linens and sheets for your dorm until after summer ends.


Price Matching

In an attempt to prevent you from shopping elsewhere, retailers will match their prices with competitor stores. Here is a list of retailers and their price matching deals: 

  • Staples: Staples will match the lowest competitor price and also give an extra 10% off of the item
  • Target: Target will price match any local competitor as well as their online websites such as,, and
  • Office Depot/Office Max: They will match any product from Amazon
  • Kohl’s: Matches any competitor price

But, don’t waste your time comparing prices manually. Websites like PriceGrabber will find products and reveal retailers prices for you!



Rebate apps are huge when it comes to saving money on school supplies and products. In fact, websites like JoinSavvy gives you all of the information you need on every retailer that offers exclusive cash back deals! And, it’s free!


Free Shipping

Why would you pay for shipping when you can get things shipped to your house for free? Check out FreeShipping and search for any retailer including Target, Staples, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, and hundreds more!


Other ways to save

  • When it comes to medications like Advil, Claritin, or Tylenol, go generic. It’s the same exact thing without paying for the name. 
  • There are thousands of scholarships that are offered each year, even if you’re not an A student. Check out FastWeb for a list of current scholarships to apply for. 
  • Apply for the National School Lunch Program where you can get a discounted college lunch plan for people who make under a certain amount of money per year. This can save you an average of $60 a month on college lunch plans, which is about $720 a year. 
  • Save money with coupons and discount codes. Click HERE for a list of websites and apps that provide you with the latest coupons and codes. 
  • Don’t forget to look at your states Tax Free Shopping Days to save money by simply not paying the tax on school items.