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There's never an occasion where jewelry would not be an acceptable gift; whether you're searching for an engagement ring, Mother's Day bracelet, or graduation necklace, Jared is usually the place people go.

Jewelry can get pretty expensive, but that's why we're here with this handy guide to saving money at Jared! 



Contrary to popular belief, Jared isn't actually trying to rip you off. In fact, they almost always have exclusive promotions as well as jewelry that you can get for free. 

For example, when you spend $125 or more, you will receive a free Pandora charm of your choice! 


Gold Exchange

Jared will actually buy old platinum or gold jewelry that you no longer wear! Furthermore, you don't even have to leave your house! Or, you can, it's up to you. 

Not only do they give you the most competitive price, but if you choose to receive a gift card to their store, they add 10% of the value on that card. So, if you're searching for that perfect ring, you can essentially get a free 10% discount on top of what your old jewelry costs right away. 


Crown and Caliber Watches

In addition to gold and platinum jewelry, Jared does trade-ins with your used watches. Simply request a quote, receive your offer with an additional 20% added to gift cards, send in your watch, and receive your money or gift card. 



Text “JARED” to 52733 and get a $25 reward! You will also receive special discounts and promotions when you sign up for mobile offers. 


Free Shipping

Do you hate paying for shipping when you shop online? Well, then don’t! Jared will place you order and have it shipped to the store closest to you - for free! 

Not only that, but orders arrive in as little as 1-2 business days, and have the luxury of picking it up when it’s convenient for you. 


Name Drop

Having personal connections is extremely beneficial when it comes to saving money, especially at a Jewelry store. Having said that, if you happen to know someone who shops at Jared Jewelry, then drop their name when you walk in the store. Most employees will give you a referral discount simply because it extends the chain of customers that they could potentially gain. Try it! 


Pay With Cash

One of the best ways to save money is to pay with cash. Paying with a credit card results in a loss of profit for jewelry stores, so walk in and make it clear that, if they knock off some money, you will pay with cash. Trust me, it means more to them than it does to you! 


Ask for Extras

Jewelry store employees have more control over product pricing than any other retail employee. In fact, they are encouraged to negotiate if it means making the sale. 

Having said that, if the price of the item is at the lowest possible rate, ask if they can throw in some extra perks. More times than not, they will be happy to give you free benefits. For example: 

  • Free Sizings
  • Extended Service or Warranty Plans
  • Including Tax In The Final Sale
  • Free Jewelry Cleanings 

These little things aren’t quite so small; in fact, things like resizing a ring and warranty plans can get quite pricey. So, asking for some extras will save you a ton of money in the end! 


Price Matching

Believe it or not, jewelry stores will price match any competing store around. After all, they make money based off of your sale.

The best way to keep track of the jewelry stores competing with Jared Jewelry is to shop around and keep track of where you have been with their prices with This Jewerly Buying Checklist. That way, you’ll be organized enough that you can simply just hand the jeweler your checklist and take it from there!

Last but not least, follow Jared Jewelry on Facebook and Twitter for all of their latest deals, promotions, and offers!