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We can all agree it’s important keep up with your nutrition, and it becomes easier every year to stay healthy as advances in science bring more advanced vitamins and supplements to the market. But shopping healthy can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Some of the best health conscious products on the market can come with big price tags attached. It’s also super important to get your vitamins and supplements from trusted sources to ensure quality and potency. That’s why I like to shop for my nutrition needs from places like GNC.com.

GNC is one of the leading retailers for fitness, nutrition, and weight loss supplements. GNC has been at the forefront of the industry in demanding truth in labeling and product quality. Now, with the help of this handy shopping guide, I’ll teach you all the tips and tricks to finding the best deals in order to guide you on your journey to a healthier and more affordable lifestyle.


1. Join the GNC rewards program

The first step towards saving at GNC.com is to join their rewards program. The rewards program is free to join and comes with lots of perks! Earn 1 point towards every dollar spent. Redeem your points for cash back on purchases (150 points earn you $5 cash back!) and get notified about bonus point events to earn points even faster. You’ll also receive a special deal just for you on your birthday if you supply your birthdate when signing up.


2. Get pro access

If you’re a frequent shopper and serious about health, look into taking it a step further and signing up for My GNC Pro Access. For $39.99 a year, you get all the benefits of the rewards program, plus free expedited shipping, pick your day sales, and an automatic entry in all GNC giveaways (which include not only savings, but also trips and adventures!). As a pro you’ll also receive bi-yearly swag boxes, which include free samples, coupons, and more.


3. Sign up for the mailing list

Join the mailing list at GNC.com to get coupons and sale notifications delivered right to your inbox. You’ll start off with a 15% off coupon to use in the online shop right away just for joining.


4. Get special deals by following on social media

Follow GNC on Twitter and like them on Facebook to get access to exclusive social media promo codes and sales, such as 25% off the entire online shop or up to 50% off certain products!


5. Join Groupon

Groupon frequently partners with GNC to run great deals during their deals of the day. Get deals like $19 for $40 worth of GNC merchandise. Be sure to monitor Groupon frequently, because most deals like this are sold in a limited supply.


6. Free shipping on orders over $49

Instead of making frequent smaller purchases, wait until you have a larger order to make and take advantage of GNC.com’s free shipping on orders of $49 or more. You’d be amazed how much shipping costs can add up, especially if you’re a frequent shopper. You can also get your friends together to make a combined order if you can’t quite make it to $49 on your own.


7. Get your favorite supplements auto-delivered

Got a favorite supplement you take regularly? Sign up for auto-deliveries at GNC.com and get 10% off plus free shipping! You can set the frequency you’d like to receive your orders and that 10% really adds up over time! And don’t worry, you can cancel your subscription any time.


8. Find coupons online

Before making any online purchase, it’s always a good idea to check sites like JoinSavvy.com for any current promo codes, deals, or coupons. Many deals are monthly, so check back frequently in order to not miss out on the best deals!